Wednesday, 28 October 2009

...I can't wait!!!!!!!!

I shouldn't be doing this!!! giggle!! Since I am using my New supplier for this release the timing has been a little different this month and I'm maybe a week behind where I normally am!!

My shipment of stock for this months release has not even arrived yet - it's due in the morning!! But my body clock has adjusted to the routine of releasing and I can't wait a moment longer!!! So here's the first sneak peek!!

There are 3 new sets releasing this month. Two of them will be sneak peeked and sampled as normal but the third is a rather special set. It will only ever be available to view on a special, password protected blog. I will post details of how to get the password later on. You will not be able to see artwork for the set in the store either. In the store, the set is called 'Secret Stamp Set' and the image where the stamp designs are usually shown is blacked out!! Once the release is open for sales, at some point over the weekend (I will post exact time later) you will be able to purchase the set by adding this 'Secret Stamp set' to your basket in the same way you add other sets.

But no image or sample made with these stamps will be shown in the store, ever. OOOOOhhhhh! what fun I am having with this, I nearly feel guilty!! lol

At the moment I'm running a competition on my store regarding the special set. I'm inviting folks to guess what the theme of the stamp set is!! you must post your idea/ideas on the store, follow the directions on the front page of the store. NO-ONE has got it right yet. A few have left comments that are 'heading in the right direction' but no-one has hit the nail on the head.

In the event that no-one gets it right, I will pick the closest comment and the winner will receive a copy of he set, OR, if you can't handle that particular set for any reason, you may pick another set as your prize!!! lol. This is the best fun. I do believe this is my best set yet!! lol.

And nope, it's nothing dodgy! - tut tut ladies!!, nude snowmen indeed!! lol, I was brought up on a diet of Doris Day and Danny Kaye! Nothing remotely smutty will appear here! lol.

Hope it tickles!!!

A personal request
Just today we learned that a very dear relation has a very serious health issue, if any of you folks chat regularly with the Big Guy Upstairs, it would be much appreciated if you popped in a wee prayer on her behalf. Many thanks for this.


  1. Looks like I'll be needing some new nesties!! I know I said it already but I'm so excited about this secret set! Claire you make this all so much fun!!!

  2. Sending my prayers for your loved one :) I love how you get make me giggle :) Now girl you have me all'm going to go and guess for the secret stamp set. This is fun :)

  3. Yea, Claire! Loving the sneak peek ~ one of my favorite nesties!! I have no idea what your secret set is and no idea what to guess, but I am excited for it to be revealed!

    Hugs and prayers for you and your loved ones.

  4. Great, the one label set I possess, I feel another purchase coming on! Secret stamp sets?? Hmm, very mysterious, is it something Perfume related, and girly things like shoes, bags etc? That would be fab! Or cupcakes and birthday/wedding cake themed? I can barely wait either! Pauline

  5. Hugs and prayers added to my growing list (which includes Jak's family). May God's blessings pour down on you & yours!!!
    What fun your Secret Stamp Set has created!!! Can't imagine what it is?!!!

  6. Hi Claire,
    I am thinking maybe??? The secret stampset is santa and maybe a helper?

    saying a prayer for you

  7. prayers headed your way.

    PS i am doubled over at the thought of naked snowmen

  8. Loven' the sneak are using my fav. nestie shape! Oooohh la la...
    As for the fun mystery stamp...that is too cool...thanks for the fun!


  9. YAY!!! I have this set of Nestie Labels. I can't wait to see the whole set.

  10. Hey Claire - I will keep your family in my prayers -

    Looks like another fun Nestie set coming our way - can't wait to see the whole set!!

  11. {{{HUGS}}} Claire -- will be adding your relative to my prayers.

    And let me just tell you how much your posts make me smile - and I can't WAIT to know more about the 'secret stamp set' ... :)

  12.'re such a tease !!! lol

    Your idea of the secret set is such fun.....but as my first guess was totally wrong I really do not have a clue !!

    take care,


  13. You are so naughty teasing us like this! I was actually going to try a guess again, but got sidetracked. Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll want one! And the rest!

    And, yes, I have prayed for your relation and will do so again.


  14. Dawn (stampinscotsgirl)29 October 2009 at 23:12

    You are such a tease, lol! Looks like a new nestie set, that I am sure to 'need'. As for the secret set, you have me stumped!!!

  15. Can't wait to see what you have "in store" for us! I've already placed my second order. Just love your designs and look forward to watching your business grow. Best of luck, Claire!

  16. Woohoo! Labels One stamps!! Girl, you are just too smart for color TV!! LOL I NEED that password -send it to me, please?!! LOL

  17. Who doesn't love a mystery???
    Maybe it is a stamp set to go with the nestie shapes?? It would be nice to have borders to go with some of the shapes.


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