Tuesday, 10 March 2009

...Damask with Dawn and a tip

Well - I wish it actually had been some sort of class with Dawn McVey - I could use a little of her colour sense, but alas, I had to make do with her stamp set. And what a stamp set!! - today was the first chance I got to ink up the set - I had an hour to spare and desperately wanted to make something with those gorgeous damask shapes - It won't surprise me if this set turns out to be a best seller for PTI - it is stunning.

Just because I felt like it , I took the damask backround stamp and aligned it incorrectly. This gave me a dinky wee circular 'emptiness' that repeated itself across my card, and which I couldn't resist lacing with a bit of thin ribbon, just to highlight it some more. I also added a wee oval stamped in spring moss inside each space, just to define it a little - I used a circular stamp from Simply Stationary to do this - I just squashed it into an oval shape on the block as my little spaces were not exactly round.

The stamping was done on a piece of Basic gray paper from the Sugared collection - which I got from my friend Beverly at precious Scraps (Happy Birthday Beverly!!!) and the ink and card are plum pudding from PTI. The thin green ribbon was picked up at a bridal shop.

The paper has shades of green running through it which is why I paired it with the green ribbon - apologies for the awful photograph - somebody please put me out of my misery and tell me where I can get one of those light tent thingumies for photographing cards in...

... a tip

Just incase you are in the mood to try threading ribbon through tiny wee holes, I have a wee tip to help you - I use it all the time. I do have a large darning needle for this purpose but I find that it can enlarge and rip the little weeny holes that I prefer to work with. I make the holes using the smallest hole punch on my making memories slot punch tool.

Take a piece of sellotape and wrap it around the end of your ribbon really tight , you want it to look a bit like the end of a shoelace. Use this end to thread the ribbon through the wee holes.

Also - there will be some romantic souls among you out there who will appreciate this pic of the moon as it looks here tonight - when it looks like this it always makes me think of that poem about the highwayman - "The moon was a ghostly galleon, tossed upon cloudy seas..."


  1. Something else that is great for threading things through small holes are floss threaders. They are for threading floss under orthodontia.

    Pretty card!

  2. Oh Claire! This is a beautiful card. I can't wait to get this stamp set, it is definitely on my next order! Thanks!

  3. Great tip with the ribbon.

    The highway man came riding, riding, riding....
    That'll be in my head for awhile!

  4. you know I love it! you are so clever. yes, I love this set also!

  5. Hi Claire! I love your damask card. Very clever how you made the circles and wove in the ribbon. Thanks for the tip on ribbon weaving, too. I agree, this set is a keeper!

    Love the picture of the moon. It's sort of magical.

    Oh, and you might try eBay for a small tent and lights. That's where I got mine, and I'll be you'll find one on the European site as well.


  6. Beautiful job! Love the purples! =)

  7. Beautiful card, Claire!! You are very creative and talented! I got to see a few of your sketches last night when Beverly showed them off at her B-day party at her story. They were just amazing!!!

  8. This card is very beautiful! I love the way you aligned the images on your card. I love this stamp set too!

  9. The moon looked like that over my town in Colorado, USA also this week...I love it when I can be reminded of how big and great the earth is. Thanks for the pic.

  10. Claire this card is so fantastic!

    I love it! It is just in one word stunning!

  11. Oh claire this is lovely, I love the colours you've choosen, a nice change from black and shocking pink in the damask world.
    Re the tip, I also use this method.....

  12. Hi, Claire -

    Great card, beautiful colors!

    You can do what I did and make your own lightbox. The instructions are here:

    Good luck! It works very well!

  13. I love that poem and I love how in Anne of Green gables she performs it.....ahhh love that movie

  14. This card is stunning, Claire! I love all of the detail you put into it. And you are right! That stamp set is amazing. Hey! Just a tip for you and photographing! I just started using this idea I came up with, and it works great. I just went to my local craft store and bought two white foam display boards. So now what I do is just put one down for the "floor", and one as the back drop. Light reflects off of it really well, and the pics of the cards came out great. Best, Curt

  15. Claire - I so agree with you that damask is and will be a total is stunning...thank goodness as I paid $28.30 shipping to get it! Your card is beautiful and you have covered your 'accidental' allingment so well. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you are enjoying the weather here today! Sun!

    Joyce in Cookstown.


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