Monday, 29 December 2008

...a very merry Christmas...

I hope you're all enjoying a very Merry Christmas! In our house it's not over till the 6th January!! I leave the decs up till the very last moment and we eke every last bit out of it, continuing to bake cookies, eat sweets, watch movies together etc!! It is such a precious time and too good to be wasted trudging through shops looking for things I have managed to survive without so far!! Lol - having said that I'm not averse to sale shopping on the internet (I'm getting ready to fill up my cart at PTI.)

The pic is my favourite Christmas decoration - a german Christmas pyramid that my husband bought me a number of years ago. It's sort of hypnotic and I could spend all evening looking at the patterns it makes on the ceiling as the windmilly bits rotate.

A couple of things to post in the next few days hopefully, if I can just prise myself off the sofa...

Very best wishes to all of you during Christmas and well into the New Year!!


  1. beautiful Claire
    Ive resisted too with the sales although you cant resist PTI for long LOL
    Happy New Year

  2. Claire, I am just the opposite. Christmas comes to a screeching halt on December 26th at my house! This year it was the 28th though, as my mom was visiting. I hope you are having a merry one! Love you german christmas decoration... very pretty.

  3. The German Christmas decoration is beautiful. My decorations are put away already. I'm happy for the holidays to be over. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. I so enjoy checking your blog often to see what you are up to. Love your stories.

  4. It's a beautiful thing, this Christmas time, Claire! I know you love it! I love little white lights & candles and all of the red and green, too! Sometimes I go beyond the 6th, lol...babies~ Beth

  5. Merry Christmas Claire!! I hope you are continuing to have a wonderful holiday! :) Do you have a big Twelfth Night celebration? Your decoration is beautiful!!


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