Monday, 21 July 2008


I've only been stamping a short while but I had the good fortune to 'fall in' with the ladies at the PTI forum at the very start . They are the friendliest bunch of folks I've met. Through them and links on their blogs I've met other lovely folks...makes you realise that the world is full of good people aswell, we get too used to hearing about so many bad things on the news.

Anyhow the point of this post is that I want to say thank you to all the ladies I have 'met' over the internet - I am so grateful for all your encouragement and kind words. Special mention must go to Lynn Mercurio , Lynn has been a source of constant encouragement from the word go. She sent me an incredible RAK, and then a delicious Thank you card - you can see them both below. Lynn's interest and enthusiasm led me to create a blog which I am thoroughly enjoying and through which I've met so many lovely people.

Special Mention also to Beverly of Precious Scraps who sent me this goody stack of fantastic papers and ribbons and one of her hand-made checkbook covers - as a gift!! - out of the blue. I have 'chatted' to Beverly a couple of times and I find her a real inspiration - she really is the sort of person we all aspire to be. I am humbled by her kindness.

Also wanted to mention Annapurna who has been a lovely visitor to have on my blog, thank you for all your kind comments. Annapurna's blog is one of the bunch that I visit regularly - she really knows how to think creatively, I love to see her cards - she gets inspiration from the most amazing places. Thank you for the award Annapurna.

And last but not least I want to thank all the ladies at PTI Forum and everyone who has left a comment on my blog - each and every comment has encouraged me to move forward . I really love to hear what you think.


  1. There are alot of wonderful people out there !! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some of my best friendships were formed not in person, but over the fact, that is how I met my husband. :)

    Stamping friends, whether near or far, are a real treasure, and I'm so happy to have you as a friend Claire. Your creations are an inspiration and I look forward to each and every one of your posts. Keep up the fabulous work!

  3. The world seems nice when you are nice. Is that a quote by me or someone else? LOL!

    Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us.

  4. Thank you for your kind words. You make it easy to be nice. If everyone in the world were as helpful and inspiring as the ladies at PTI Forum, this ol' world would be a much better place. Thank you again, you are a true friend that I will always cherish.

  5. Gosh, you are so nice! I'm new to your blog, found you via PTI, and have your blog in my list of favorites now. I can hardly wait to see more of your creations!

  6. Hi, Claire -
    I'm new to this blog thing, too, and it's nice to hear from kind folks like yourself. Thank YOU for providing kind words and encouragement.

  7. Bev is a great gal. One of my favorites... She's very generous indeed.
    I am sorry I don't visit as much as I like, but you never cease to amaze me! Hugs,


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