Tuesday, 29 September 2015

...Slight delay to shipping

Folks, just a head's up to anyone ordering UK stock from the WMS store - our UK shipping will be delayed over the next two days due to an unexpected problem. Our vehicle was damaged when it was hit by another car. We were parked at the time and were not injured, the car is just going to be off the road for a while being repaired. I will have something in place by Thursday for deliveries, but tomorrow will be pretty lost while I try to get repairs organised. My apologies for anyone who experiences a delay at this time.


  1. So glad that you're not hurt. Hope the car repairs go quickly and well. Take care xxx

  2. I praise God you are not harmed! I hope everything goes as smoothly as can be expected under these circumstances~

  3. Sorry you're having a rough week! Hope next week is better!!!


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