Tuesday, 11 August 2015

..Sneaky Peeky!

Good evening folks! I have been peeking a few new 'wee' stamps on my Instagram... I broke out and purchased a planner and then I was given another...and now I'm just a little bit addicted - it seemed like the only thing missing was some itty bitty, teeny tiny stamps..... Guess what just arrived?

Pop back to see a few more peeks tomorrow - I am loving these - hope you will too!

I'll be holding a mini release of sorts on Friday evening - I just wanted to squeeze out these little goodies before we get into all the seasonal stuff... more details to follow tomorrow.


  1. Loving this sneaky peek. Such a tease cant wait for release day!!!!

  2. I believe I actually squeaked when I saw the clip lol. So excited : ).


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