Thursday, 30 October 2014

... last minute Halloween freebies and ideas

Folks I'm sure you are all knee deep in pumpkin guts right about now - and have all your gift packs all made up, labelled and ready to go, but, If like me, you are still scrabbling with trying to set up your party and make cards you can get more Halloween Inspiration here on our Pinterest Board (the Vampire blood bottle was a project from the Wanda's Pantry release)

And on the off chance that you are in need of any practical help with your last minute prep here are some freebies:
 Downloadable printable Bat Poop poem, click here to go to the store where you can download it:
This works great with purple or green millions, chocolate covered raisins, or even just plain raisins if your cupboard is depleted like mine...

For super fast treat containers, you might like these twist pouches, click here:

And these open sweetie pouches, great for the table, click here to go to the store and get the free template:

And this fun Warty Witch - click here - be sure to leave one end of her unglued so you can add sweeties!

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