Friday, 7 March 2014

...forgotten desires and how not to get what you want.

Image Credit - ebay.

You will have to forgive me a crafty project for today, I am still wrapping up the release! Thank you to all the folks who visited with us during that, I do hope you enjoy your goodies!

I'm just popping on for a chat this morning, while I have my tea break, and to try to elicit your sympathy! Lots of folks will know that we moved house last year and it was long overdue. No.25 was bloated to the extreme with all the accoutrements of 5 people, at least one of whom is an acknowledged hoarder.

No. 27, while it is just a modest mid century abode with just two rooms more than No.25, feels positively palatial. So much so that the budding interior designer within me is positively foaming at the mouth to 'do something' with it. I'm not much of a nester by nature and so house decorating is a pretty new thing to me. All the while I lived at No. 25 the decor ran to cream paint and laminate floor. As for furniture, well the guiding principle was one of 'will it fit?' and since there was really only room for necessities, there was no point in bypassing Ikea. In 20 years I only purchased one item of furniture that could be described as 'characterful'...

Since I have been at No.27 I surprise my self constantly by realising hitherto unknown desires for various items that I could have sworn I couldn't care less about.

Exhibit A. The Persian Rug.

Previously I had no idea that I wanted one, but after just 3 consecutive issues of '25 Beautiful Homes'  I overheard myself telling the 9 year old that I have 'always wanted' a Persian rug. Lies. Had to be. I have never even seen a proper Persian rug 'in the flesh' so to speak.

Oh hang on a moment, I have, haven't I? - Wasn't there a whole department of them upstairs in that fancy interiors shop I once worked in and hadn't I nearly been sacked over a Persian rug because I had showed it to a customer, who had liked it, but who had not bought it, but who had returned to look at it again, only to find that another member of staff had since sold it to another customer? And, hadn't she actually demanded from the manager my dismissal because I should clearly have had telepathic powers and forseen that as she drove home that evening she would decide to herself that 'Yes, the girl in the shop knew a good carpet when she saw one and - Yes those colours and that pattern would be the perfect foil for all that heavy dark oak in her vestibule, for such folks never have halls, no, they have vestibules...

...ah yes it's all coming back to me now... the smell of the wool, the glorious patterns, the soft cozy feeling underfoot...oh yes please, I would like a Persian rug.

So in between drawing stamps and packing envelopes one evening I went shopping. Going shopping to me is opening another window on the browser and googling Persian rugs. How bl@@dy much? Are you bl@@dy mad? What? It''s ...USED? That can't be right, let's try again... How innocent was I. I honestly had no clue that there was such a market in Persian rugs. Second hand Persian rugs. "Eeeewwwwww" said the 9 year old, "it's all dirty". Aside from the fact that I am loathe to bring anything into the house that may or may not have camel poop stains on it, I worry about older rugs, Who made them? Was it a properly paid adult...or not? Can't have that, couldn't sleep.

Ok, let's google 'new' and 'machined' rugs and I have to hold up my hand and tell you that over the course of that week I probably spent about a full day googling Persian rugs, and the fruits of my labour are thus: I am a wool snob on a polypropylene budget. I cannot have a Persian rug.

I am reduced to checking in wistfully to Ebay with what must be the most ridiculous search criteria ever: Persian rug, traditional style, wool, UK only, 8ft, 9ft, new, machined, Priced £0.00-£200.00. To date no item has ever fitted that criteria and what is the betting that no item ever will?


  1. Oh Claire, I know I shouldn't laugh, but your tale has really made me smile. I think that there are lots of us "wool snobs - polypropylene budget" about. I do hope the House Fairy finds you your dream Persian carpet xx

  2. I have tears rolling down my face because I am laughing so hard!!! Claire, this post is too funny!!! I am having both my mother and sister read it!!! I hope you find what you are looking for!

  3. Claire you always, and I mean ALWAYS!!!!, bring a smile to my face and usually a giggle to my mouth! I love your rug saga!!! Here is hoping that you find the perfect rug for your new abode sometime soon! :)

  4. Simply brilliant, I needed to laugh so much today, and this by golly did it! Thank you for that! Good luck in your shopping endeavors! I have the hardest time finding what I am looking for when I am looking for it, and once I settle for something else…I find it….don't settle! :-)

  5. Comfort yourself with this: if you bought a gorgeous rug, you would have to put it on the wall to stop the kids putting their muddy feet all over it. Then you would need something to put on the floor!!!!!

  6. Claire, there's only one thing for it, you'll have to design and make your own Persian rug :-) only thing then is that it will be a Brennansian rug........I see a new outlet for you!! Thanks for an entertaining read, here's a flower for you @-}--

  7. Oh Claire! We've all had moments like this - it will be okay, breathe deeply and think about the things that mean the most to you . . . your husband, children, parents, extended family, design team, beloved customers like me ;-) You are so much fun and bring so much joy to others. It's only fair that we should be able to commiserate with your situation and give you a little "there, there". Hugs!!

  8. Smiling from ear to ear!! Now, just change the ebay criteria to say US and if something pops up... I would love a Persian rug! There are a lot of non-Persian rugs out there that are gorgeous... wishing you luck to find one!!

  9. made me laugh. You might could console yourself by knowing some of these Persian rugs are "fakes", run over by trucks in the desert to make them "look" old (I saw a program on this very thing). So, you are in fact, refusing to participate in what might be a crookery. You see? You are smarter than to be taken in. Bravo to you! (Hope that made you feel better)

  10. OH my! I think we've all been here. Not knowing we have to have something we never knew we wanted. My latest obsession, one of those vacuum thingies that vacuums AND scrubs hard wood floors. Went searching today, and yes.. the prices.. sigh... You will find your perfect rug.. eventually :)

  11. I wasn't sure where to tell you thank you for such a wonderful free stamp. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Kathy D.

  12. I love this so much! I wish I were your neighbor!


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