Wednesday, 22 January 2014

...not a sausage

I could have sworn that I would have something to put on the old blog by now, but nope, I have nothing I can show you yet. I have raided the WMS archives for this pic, it's from quite a while ago and it, and more like it can be found in the WMS  gallery - have you been over lately?

I used Sweethearts and Faux Fun on this little altered box.

Click here to see some Valentine Inspiration. There are over 188 pics to ogle!


Truth be told, I have not been feeling very crafty - drawy yes, but crafty....nope! Fingers crossed for tomorrow - there's nothing quite like a messy craft room to suck the mojo right out of a bod...

Did manage to get back to gym tho, the second time I went passed off very well, I was even ok with the other guy being there. The fact that he spent the entire time on the excercise bike, reading a novel puts him firmly within my sphere. Not a stitch of lycra did he wear and not one word of conversation beyond a brief nod did he offer - that's my kind of gym companion right there.

Today. Hmmm, not so wonderful. It wasn't the excercise, goodness knows I don't push myself too far, but when 15 teenage boys trooped into view between my wobbly thighs it was time to fold up that damned abs cradle and get the heck out of there.... Aparently their school has a regular booking for Wednesday mornings. Flashback to the receptionists crooked smile as I signed in this morning...


  1. You are too funny! I would pack it up and leave as well....that is if was even at the gym......keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Claire

    That's a pretty box for sweets, I like the images and the colours.

    And I'm glad to read that your second time at the gym went better... and you made me smile again by describing the scene with the teenage boys.

    Kind regards

  3. drawy is good - can't wait to see what will materialize from that wonderful imagination of yours

  4. Too funny!! I'm proud of you rofe even going!! Gorgeous box!!

  5. This is one gorgeous project Claire~I'm glad you brought it out! You are braver than me...I couldn't even step foot in a gym~thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! I am sweating just thinking about the circumstances. ;)


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