Tuesday, 28 January 2014

...Mini Mail - new dies

"Absolutely - yep go ahead, stuff as much stuff onto the one card as you can" - this is what was going through my mind making this card - it feels like an age since I got crafty and so I just wanted to have a little fun today! In real life this card is less lime and more mossy.....

I'm slowly getting back into the swing after Christmas and we will be having a February release, we will announce that soon, but I had a couple of items become available that I thought might be useful for last moment Valentines and so I am showing them to you now rather than hold them back for Feb.

What set me off this morning was the delivery of this super dinky little die set. it's called Mini Mail and it makes - guess what? teeny tiny little envelopes!

The finished envelopes, when folded, finish up a dinky 2.45inches wide by 1.74 inches tall. Perfect size for popping onto the front of a card. I stuffed 3 of them on my 5x5 card this afternoon, I just couldn't chose one!

What's really neat is that this is a 4 part die - one of the dies in the set makes a little perfectly sized insert card. You can see the little green insert card in the pic below nestling into the pink envelope. There are two eeny weeny postage stamp shaped dies also, hopefully we will have fun with those next card.

The envelopes are super simple as the die includes 4 embossed lines which automatically score the folds for you as you cut. You can see the 4 embossed fold lines shown in green in the graphic below. Once you remove the die cut envelope from the die, you just fold along the ready marked creases to get your perfectly folded envelope - a little glue to secure and you're done.

Made oodles of these earlier today - double sided patterned paper makes it so easy to create little envies that look as though they are lined!

I matched the little envelopes with some little hearts cut with some new My Heart Dies - also new this evening.

The My Heart stamp set was released in December 2012 and is still a firm favourite.
My Heart die set released this evening - contains dies for the two solid heats and the arrow heart.

Hope it tickles.


  1. Squealing!!! That little envelope with the matching card is fabulous, straight to the top of my wish list. Dream come true really.
    Beautiful card too, you can tell you had so much fun making this one! Don't you just love your job!

  2. Yummy! Clair why are you always threatening my budget with goods like these! I do love my dies!

  3. Very cute heart set! Love the little envelopes too!

  4. So happy to see you post this fun card Claire. I keep checking to see what's next for WMS. This sure looks like a fun little die.

  5. The little envelope die looks really useful Claire and I love the hearts too!

  6. I can't wait to play with these! SQUEEL!!!

  7. Claire, these are pretty new dies and I especially like the little envelopes, they are very cute.
    Your card with all the envelopes and hearts is very pretty, too and I also like the colours.

  8. How ADORABLE are these? I love that they look lined all in one easy step too. Fabby card Claire - great way to send oddles of love. Roll on February when I not only get a new release to drool over but I should get birthday money to spend on it too! Lucky me - can't wait!


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