Tuesday, 6 August 2013

...calling all customers, past and present!

ED -Do not worry if you find you are not currently on our list, we have not issued any offers in this way yet and so long as you sign up now, you won't have missed anything - we anticipate sending our first store communication proper in early September.

Folks, I have been working on a little note that I wanted to send out to some folks this morning in advance of our release and I spotted something important - recently the store program was upgraded (thanks guys...grrr) and I noticed that in the upgrade we lost the facility for folks to sign up for email notifications from the store.

This is quite important because if folks do not actively sign up to get emails from us, we won't be able to contact them about juicy offers or upcoming events and competitions. (This is a completely different service from the newsmails that we normally send out on a monthly basis. You can sign up for those on the right hand side of this blog and also on the storefront, bottom left.)

So if you have ever ordered from the WMS store, please check that you are on our list to receive emails - you can do this by looking at the image above - this image shows a copy of the email that I sent out earlier today. Check your inbox or spam filter to see if you received this same email.

If you are a WMS customer and you have not received this email then you are not currently on our store mailing list.

This may be ok for you, if you are happy not to receive emails, then you need do nothing, all is well.

If you are not currently on the list, and would like to receive occasional emails from our store - highlighting special events and perhaps containing customer exclusive offers, then you will need to get on the store email list.

The easiest way to do this is to check the 'Keep me Informed' box the next time you pass through checkout - it's towards the end of checkout - see the image below.

If you prefer I can manually add you to the list, just send us an email on - be sure to add the words ADD ME TO THE LIST in your subject line - and allow us a few days to get you added in, we're gearing up for the release on Saturday so it may be a day or two before we get you linked!

It would be of immense help to us if you could tell your friends about this also, if you know anyone who shops with us. Thank you.


  1. Thanks Claire for catching that glitch! I sent you an email!

  2. My WMS creations live here: I'd refer you to a specific tag but my most recent posts aren't tagged correctly so you'd miss them!

  3. Thanks Claire. I'll try to remember next time I'm checking out (which judging from these samples I'm seeing won't be too long off) !

  4. I'll send you an email Claire. I've only been getting the monthly newsletters. Thank you for the heads up! :)

  5. I've sen the email and will check the box, plan on ordering anyway with today's release!


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