Sunday, 30 June 2013

...Winners Winners!!!

Good morning! I have now closed this comp! I said I would give one prize for every 50 comments we got and since we got 131 comments, I should be giving out two, but you know what, I feel like giving out three, so I divided up the comments into 3 and picked 3 winners!!!

          Winning Funky Feathers was
diana who said...

Today I will pick Funky Feathers because of those great backgrounds you created. Thanks for the chance to win. ;-)

Winning Fine Feathers was:

Rachel x who said...

Oops, sorry, Claire on my mobile and hit publish accidentally!! :S anyway... if I have to choose, then I think I would go with Fine first as I sooo want to make a Dreamcatcher after seeing your beautiful one yesterday!! :)

hugs, Rachel xx

Winning Funky Feathers was: Indy who said...

Fabulous funky feathers!!! Great inspirational projects!!

Ladies POP me your addresses on

putting WINNER in the subject line and we will get your goodies out to you!

Thank you folks for all of your kind comments! I really enjoyed reading what you all thought of the feather sets because I just could not decide myself!!!


  1. Ooh, wow, Claire... thank you so much- so exciting!! :) Will email asap... (feeling a bit rubbish today so might be tomorrow :S)... I can't believe I won!!lol :)
    hugs, Rachel xx

  2. Thanks so much for picking my comment! I can't wait to try out those Funky Feathers. ;-)


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