Wednesday, 1 May 2013

...Herringbone china

Afternoon! If you are looking for the May Blog waltz plans, please scroll down. If not, Hi.

I have a card for you today that has lain in state of disrepair on my desk for over a week. The plan was good - just imitate this lovely herringbone pattern on these lovely china mugs that I picked up in a January sale.

Simple idea, and yes it was. I stamped my herringbone pattern using the large background builder from Little box labels all over my cardfront panel. I made the front up on a separate panel, because I wanted to cover the whole thing with glossy accent to see if it would dry out all nice and shiny like my mugs. Worked a treat. Also picked up the circular impression of the vase my DH set down on top of it before it was finished drying....  The glossy accents make the panel warp, so when it is dry, attaching it to a card blank takes care of that.

Since I am a closet perfectionist, the vase pattern raised my hackles somewhat and I really wanted to throw the thing out and start again. Since impatience sometimes beats perfectionism, I decided to just finish the thing, but I admit to not being very enthusiastic about it... I do love the Superhero knickers, i made up a little cut file for those and just cut them out of a scrap of cream card, coloured them with copics to suit my man-ribbon, source lost to posterity....

anywhoo, I love the effect....scrunched up a paper towel and smooched on some ink first to make the background less pristine.

Stamped teh herringbone and covered it with glossy accents - I used a spare triangle of card to spread it and you could use about half of what I did to get this result....

Let it dry, pref over night, minus vase.

Add tag etc and a nice simple, man card for the stash. I cut the tag top with one of the dies from the Opera Tags die set. Just now that I'm looking at the photo a nice navy blue button at the ribbon would have just finished that off lovely......

Hope it tickles!


  1. Gorgeous Claire, I love the glossy accents over this pattern!

  2. Wow, this is pretty amazing! Loooove the bg you created!

  3. What a great idea for a card! I bet your DH was in the doghouse though!

  4. Glad it's not just me that has glossy accent accidents - I currently have 2 perfect cards welded together thanks to an unoticed gust of wind that moved one onto the other whilst drying - argh!
    I can't see any imperfections in yours though - its stunning and those little superhero pants really made me chuckle.

  5. Glossy accents are wonderful! What was that man thinking putting the vase on top of your card (actually sounds like something I would do :) Knickers made me smile!!

  6. Wow! I love this card. (I actually was looking for the blog party, but I wanted let you know that I appreciated your wonderful card and the great tutorial.

  7. Ahem - stunning! Love, love, love it. Love the shine on the herringbone pattern. Pure genius Claire.

  8. Love those little super hero knickers Claire!! is that a 'shared' cut file ?!? LOL!!! I wonder if clear embossing would give the same effect???? and it would be 'done' sooner?!! I just might try it!

  9. perfect! i love this!!! the super hero shorts...unreal :)

  10. I think it looks amazing - you gave it a bit of a distressed look - perfect for your guy!


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