Friday, 8 March 2013

...Pin it to Win it - change of plan

Folks it's a major pain, but the keywords are not working on Pinterest - I have seen that many folks have pinned their favourite cards to Pinterest, all correctly tagged, but when I search for the tag, the search does not work, so unless I know you personally, and have your Pinterest account - there is no way I can find you. I have contacted Pinterest about the issue as it looks to me like other companies are using the tag system successfully, but I am currently 'being processed' and I have no clue when they will answer...

Sooooo....what I'm going to do is this - I will pick three random comments, each from one of these three posts

Post one - A good egg

Post Two - Folk Art Label 25

Post Three Folk Art Medallion

and the winner will win the set named in the post title.

If you have already commented you are entered already. If you have not commented, but have pinned, please accept my apology for the nuisance and pop along to the blog post/s to comment.

Folks may comment on all three posts if they like, but only one comment per person will be counted on any one post.

I'll draw winners at 6:00pm on Friday eve (tomorrow)

And, since we are feeling really ticked off that our little comp has fallen flat, I will pick one person from the comments on those three posts to win the entire release! I'll announce this also at 6:00pm.

please spread the word to anyone you know who entered the Pin it to Win it comps - cheers ladies!


  1. Sorry that this did not work out for you even though I am not on Pinterest.

  2. I'm sorry your first pin it to win it contest is not coming to fruition in the manner in which you had hoped.

  3. Adorable!!! Thanks for the chance!

  4. So sorry that this turned out to be so complicated, but the good news is that a bunch of my pins have been repinned several times, so people are getting to see these gorgeous stamps/cards!

  5. So sorry the Pinning didn't work out :/ It was fun pinning them anyway :D

  6. Technology - such a love/hate relationship for me.

  7. It was fun looking and pinning even though I got a little overwhelmed at all the stunninng projects.

  8. So sad to hear your contest didn't work out the way you wanted, but I had a blast anyway. I never had a Pinterest account before and now I have one. I can look at all the beautiful cards anytime I want. Thanks for the fun.

  9. Argh how annoying for you Claire, I noticed this too as I had tried to see what else had been pinned too, never mind chick, I can't wait for this release! Xx

  10. I am not signed up for Pinterest, but I'll have to check into it.... was trying hard to avoid it! Sorry it didn't work as you expected it to!

  11. tomorrow will be a better day, i will send over the karma genie and she will grant you 3 wishes if you feed her and set her free after 3 lovely events happen for you!!!
    ava g


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