Friday, 31 August 2012

...Bright Season

Good evening! I have a little tiny card for you, it's really a gift tag with it's own little pouch. It's made with images from Bright Season a few sets of which we were able to load to the store today.

I cut out my lamp shape with a cut file from the bundle I'm going to make available in the next day or so. I cut two lamps and simply marked a fold across the top of one of them to make a little taggy that can stand up.

I used soft blues and yellows, not the normal Christmas combo, but pretty and fresh. The Joyeux Noel is from Very Vintage Christmas, as are the To; and From:

I stamped a mini candle and light halo from the Little lanterns set inside. The little pouch was decorated with snowflakes, also from Very Vintage Christmas, and another larger light halo, this time from Bright Season.

Cut files for both the tag and pouch will be available in the bundle, I'm just finishing off files for that this evening.

Hope it tickles!

A few folks expressed an interest in what happened next on this post.

Well it's no secret, one sharp eyed observer noted that the plane in question was indeed a puddle jumper and over the puddle I did go. To England, to visit some folks who make stamps. I was delighted to find a bunch of folks whose expertise was palpable, tea eminently drinkable and sense of humour as skewed as my own. Yep, the north of England seemed a very comfortable place on Tuesday afternoon. I felt right at home.

I was considering telephoning DH with instructions to just pack up house and kids and bring them on over, we're moving anyhow, what was wrong with Yorkshire? when my reverie was interrupted by my lift to the airport, it was too late, time to face the music once more....

You'd think that having flown successfully that morning that I'd be a little more relaxed in the afternoon, and you'd be wrong. I knew everything I was 'in for' and I wasn't liking it.

Flitting nervously from store to store in the Airport waiting area looking for something suitably English to bring home to my wee folks, I purchased two Swiss watches and a Danish construction set.

I dithered and dallied, from coffee bar to cosmetic counter, from newsagent to luggage stand, with beetroot visage, furtively squinting short-sightedly at the departure screens, so much so, that I was genuinely surprised when airport security didn't pick me up. They've seen it all before, the middle aged mummy person, who obviously doesn't get out much....

I made one last bee-line for the perfume counter, if I was going down, I was going to do it doused in Chanel No.5 at the very least...


  1. Ha! I could listen to your stories for hours on end! :) I'm glad your trip was a successful one! :)

  2. Exactly!
    If you're going down...
    go down in style! :)
    My mama always just told me to make sure I was wearing my good undies when traveling! :)
    So happy you had a wonderful trip!

  3. Claire, your "wee" tag is just charming and I love the wrap you created for it!! You are so clever!! I'm also glad your trip was a success in spite of all the stress you had to endure!! Blessings!!

  4. I love your stories! So funny! Did not know you were a Chanel fan? True story: when my best friend and I were six we sprayed her moms Chanel all over the floor under the dresser in an attempt to make the kitten hiding in there come out. Kitten stayed hidden, smell of Chanel lingered, friends mom was very ticked off when she found we'd used half a bottle.

  5. LOL, that's the spirit! ;) Beautiful tiny card Claire.

  6. Love the tag and pouch - such pretty colours! And your trip sounds very interesting - hope it was successful! You got presents for everyone too!

  7. I just used that Joyeux Noel stamp today on a little card! I combined it with the holly trio from Festive Foliage - loved the outcome. A little lantern tag is so perfect!!

    Your stories are lovely - I always enjoy reading them!!

  8. Totally giggling at the English gifts you brought home! So glad that your trip was a success!

  9. Hi claire
    lovely listening to your story, it feels like Im listening to an old friend (old as in had for a long time not in age!!!!!!!)
    Well done you, thanks for the inspiring pictures as ever

  10. Claire you make me smile - your tag is lovely and the story of your time at the airport is charming! Chanel #5 - woo hoo!!!

  11. hiya Claire - i could listen to your stories over and over. i really loved the ones you wrote up for Halloween too! I hope you managed your journey ok with the puddle jumper. i know for some it's really hard to travel by air, so i Know this is a big deal for you and it shows your customer & WMS commitment.

    btw - love your card! i will have to grab that cut file! and those colors are splendid. Will you dish what blue shade (ink name & company) that is?

  12. Loved the story of the English gifts. :)

  13. I've been out of town staying in a hotel with less than satisfactory internet access. I'm just now seeing this post, which I foun via a link on Pinterest. LOVE the tag and your story is as entertaining as can be. While I do not wish you any ill or discomfort, I do enjoy the yarns you spin and I'm so very glad you share them on your blog. I'm very happy you are home safe and sound.
    Can't wait to get my hands on my new stamps which are en route. I think I may try a tag like the one you made. It's fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Oh Claire, I love your writing!! And you did fly: congrats on your bravery!! Big hugs to you!! Now we only have to tell you you're going to England, but hijack you on to America and we could have a grand old party here!!! Just get the hubby and kiddo's to move HERE and think of how many miles you could go and never have to fly again!!! :-P Oh well, I can dream (but if I ever fly across the pond I'll be talking my hubby into visiting Ireland: there are two Claire's there I want to meet!!) hugs, Helen

  15. Know so well how you felt..don't like flying anymore too...have done it so often in many planes..with many stories to tell about it......!


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