Sunday, 6 May 2012

...say hello to Half Pint Heroines!

Good evening! I have a little card here to begin my samples, I'm way behind the rest of the DT girls!! I am very excited to introduce you to my Half Pint Heroines, these little ladies are the sister set to Half Pint heroes and will co-ordinate with that set.

The drawing style is the same, as are the fonts and so you should find these two sets easy to combine!

If you remember the Half Pint Heroes, you might remember that the original idea was to have some simple drawings of vehicles, into which I could stamp my 'character'. Having 3 wee folks I found that from an early age they were all very amused when I drew little caricatures of them placed into vehicles or fabulous situations.

This idea grew into Half Pint Heroes. A simply styled set of boy themed vehicles with 7 different 'boy' faces so that you could put your particular 'hero' into his vehicle of choice!

Finally we have some heroines to add to the chaps!

My girls get a big kick out of seeing 'themselves' stamped into the elephant carriage or the hot air balloon.

As with Heroes, we have 3 scenarios for the girls to be placed into - an elephant carriage, a hot air balloon and a simple 'little girl' figure complete with floppy bunny.

My sample for this post shows a girl in the elephant carriage. As before the girl faces are separate stamps, you simply pick the one which is closest to your chosen heroine/card recipient and stamp her in the situation of your choice. I chose the elephant carriage because I felt it really speaks to the sense of adventure and achievement that I would wish for my eldest girl. I truly want my wee folks to think that nothing is beyond them and I designed a series of sentiments for this set that reflect that. I 'borrowed' an arm from the Half Pint Heroes set so she could wave out at us! The little birds are included in the Heroines set.

Once upon a time there was a girl....and she could do anything...

I made a little pocket for my card, to hide away the second sentiment. On the inside I finished off with "...and I was so proud of her"

Aside from just a general encouragement card, I could see me making this card over for a girl I know who will be heading off to university, or for someone taking up a new job. Although the images are simple and childlike in style, I'd be happy to use these for grown up folks also.

I stamped the image in Memento Rich Cocoa and coloured with copic markers. I stamped on some Melissa Frances papers that I had stashed away. I quite often stamp on lightly patterned paper rather than plain card as I think it lends texture to the image. Much sponging of course. I trimmed out a frame with a Spellbinders Postage stamp die template (S4-348) and did a little background stamping with  some Scallops and dots Flourishes.

A special shout out must go to my smallest daughter Erin, she actually drew the original elephant head that you see used in this stamp. Erin has a 'thing' about elephants, and when I was drafting the set she said she could do a better one than me and so she did! I used her elephant head and my elephant body to create this image, and I have to say I think the elephant is super cute, it's definitely got the beady eye factor!

My apologies for the lateness of my post and I will be back tomorrow with more, but in the meantime, don't forget to enter our competition here!

Hope it tickles!


  1. gorgeous! absolutely beautiful sentiment...your stamps are genius and your samples are pure eye candy. :)

  2. This is wonderful! Clearly Erin displays her mother's artistic flair!!

  3. First...
    YAY Erin!!
    You drew a fabulous elephant...
    and definitely inherited your mum's creative genius and talent!! :)
    And such a gorgeous card, Claire...
    just stunning!
    Love her on the ellie...
    on the postage stamp...
    as though she's away on a huge adventure!
    And let me just say...
    the sentiments in this set...
    they're perfect!
    I've said over and over today how every mom with little girls...
    no matter their age...
    needs this set!
    They touch a mom's heart...
    and speak for us!
    As always Claire...
    you're amazing! :)

  4. Erin! You are a girl after my own heart. I have thing for elephants too! :) Bravo on your introduction into the world of stamp design!
    I'm loving everything that I've seen created with the Heroines set. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow.

  5. This is WAY CUTE!!! I love Erin's elephant! This brings back lots of great memories of my childhood years n love for some flying elephant ;)

  6. Just plum adorable! So nice you have drawing in common!

  7. Yeah! Half Pint heroes is my favourite set and I love that the girls' set shows girls as capable and adventurous. Excellent job Claire (and Erin).

  8. What a talented girl you have!!!

    Claire, I ADORE the sentiments you showed on your card... I haven't even looked around at the other ladies yet, but I just LOVE what you stamped/designed. I have 2 girls - I want to teach them the same as you. So beautiful!!!

  9. Oh cute! Fabulous card and good on you Erin!

  10. Erin's elephant is lovely,made me smile.The rest of the stamps are great too!

  11. Love the unusual colours you used Claire. This set is AMAZING and I know it will be used lots!!

    Sounds like you have a bit of competition with the littlest girl, lol.

  12. I love the elephant and I do need this set!!

  13. LOVE IT!
    So cute you made this elaphnat together must be so proud!Love the card and love the sweet images..a must have set for the other set..used it so many times.

  14. This elephant is so cute! And Wow to Erin! Your daughter is very talented... like her mother!!

  15. Love the sweet elephant, and the little girl images, but the sentiments are just wonderful. Perfect for those young ladies in our lives!

  16. Very cute set; more versatile than first appears. The more I look at it, the more ideas I get! Good work!


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