Monday, 6 February 2012


....ever have a time in your life when you suddenly look up at the clock and realise 3 weeks have passed??
happened to me just the other day... I was full of New Years resolutions and brilliant schemes for January only to find out that January was, in fact, over. Gone. The entire first month of 2012 somehow got out from underneath me....and it was February...

Lately it feels like Sunday nights are way closer together than they used to be, and even my elder daughter is noticing it too... Much relief to hear that, I was running on the assumption that I was just getting older...but nope, time seems to be speeding up doesn't it? My DH has a theory that time is, in fact, speeding up. I countered this with the supposition that if this was the case then people should be living longer because a years worth of now is worth only, say, 11 and a half months of 200 years somebody who reached 100 years of age 200 years ago, should reach around 104 these days...but wait, according to popular belief, we are living either he's right or I'm right, or this ole earth is spinning faster....

Either way, there are not enough hours in the day for me...but...reassuringly the time space continuum, or lack thereof, has been a boon for other members of the Brennan clan, my five year old announced that he was the very man to build the new lego helicopter flaunting itself on a shiny new box in Auntie L's handbag because he had, and I quote, "Twenty-seven years experience in cosntruction!"

My eight year old visibly expanded with relief and indeed belief, when I confirmed upon a recent birthday, that I had indeed reached the grand old age of 23 years of age....I neglected to mention that I had also reached 24 and 25...

Thankfully the newly minted 12 year old is keeping a grasp on reality and has admirably resisted, as yet, the imminent and instant temptation to leap directly from 12 to 16....that can accompany that particular  birthday...more power to you Enid Blyton wherever you are my dear....


  1. Oh where do the years go?! My 11 and a half year old has morphed since Christmas from my lovely sweet natured darling eldest, into a grumpy groaning teen! Kevin and Perry are all too alive and kicking here! My husband has delicately asked 'is she going to be like this every month?' to which I replied 'no dear, she's going to be like this for the next 6 years!'
    Enjoy it while you can Claire!

  2. ....and remember, they do come out the other end as sweet people (well,the vast majority). Just hang in there.....Great read Claire! Love the thinking of the 5 year old! Made me laugh out loud. One granddaughter (miss 8) came out of her bedroom late last year, dressed for a party and twirled in front of us asking "does this scream of Lily H....?. Not too sure where the leap from 7 to 25 had taken place but it obviously had happened! I too have reach the age of 23...but it was so long ago that I can hardly remember what I was doing! College I think, no wait, I was in my first year of teaching in a country school. I had money! Spent it too! Smell those roses and enjoy it while you can Claire!

  3. Ew, Pauline has me worried for my future. 2 girls plus one mumma is going to make for a *lot* of estrogen when those kids reach puberty. I loved your post Claire - your 5 year old is hilarious! :D

  4. LOL! You really made me smile this morning - thank you! I think my darling 10 year old has definitely jumped to tweenager!! All hormones and angst! But at times she's still my baby girl - especially when it comes to her teddies and dolls!

  5. Loved your post Claire :-D Yes, the years are spinning faster and faster, and your calculations are right, cause my grandma Did live to be 104 (she passed away in 2000 and lived to see 3 different centuries!!) So maybe I'll live to be good and old, and hopefully you too!! Loved your little one's comment about his years of experience and your 8 yr olds sweet belief in whatever her dear mum says!! And you might want to put the dear 12 yr old in a closet and out of the world's influence for the next 4 or 5 years, and maybe the teens won't be quite so bad :-D
    Have a great day Cutie Pie!! Hugs! Helen

  6. Dearest Claire, I think I've said this before, but it merits repeating... you should write a book! Happy Belated Birthday my friend. I wish you every happiness.



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