Sunday, 12 February 2012

...Freebie Heart

 ED - The download button on  the store seems to be having issues this evening and some folks are reporting problems grabbing the svg file. Please try This Link - it should take you to a google document page where you should be able to freely access the file.

I finally opened the Craft Robo/Silhouette that has been lurking unloved and unused since I paid extra shipping to get it to me in under two days.....over a year ago.....

My excuse is that I had no time, and I still have no time, but I figured if I didn't open it soon, then it would get outmoded....and yup that 12 inch Cameo looks good, but I figure I owe this guy an outing before I even think about upgrading!! lol!!!

So, here it is, I tinkered around with my machine and drew up this little heart to test the Craft Robo (the rather uncouth UK name for Silhouette...)

So here's the deal, since I'm just doodling, and trying it out I am giving this little heart out for free, you might like it, it might work, it might not....I completely disown it once you download it!! lol!!!

The deal is I will cut mine out and make a card with it - if you do the same, then come back and tell me and we'll compare notes, leave your link in the comments for this post and we'll see how this goes. I have already run this out at a slightly smaller size and found some of the smaller cut outs a little sticky to remove, but overall I was quite pleased! A pair of tweezers was a great help.

Making cut files is something I could really get interested in, but I want them to be good, so be prepared for more freebies while I practice on you!!!!

If you fancy it, click on the image and you should be taken to the freebie section of the WMS store, where you can download it for free.


  1. ha made me laugh about paying the extra shipping. Cool design :)

  2. Trying to read what you write is hard when your laughing...
    did you know that?
    Love how you paid that extra shipping...
    and how it is disowned after download! :)
    It's a fabby design and can't wait to try it!

  3. How cool you are making SVG files now Claire!! I've downloaded and hope I can get it to work on my slightly used Silhouette!!

  4. This is wondeful Claire! Thank you so much (both for the story and the svg (-: ) With only a crafting "corner" I have to have my silhouette on the floor when it's cutting and it makes just the perfect sound to make my 3-year- old VERY interested in it - so I have to wait with trying it till tonight!!!
    Thanks again, hugs Karin

  5. Have wanted one for a long time now.... And now your giving me more reasons to take the plunge!! Maybe I will buy this one off you when you are upgrading!!😉

  6. Oh wish I had a er...craft robo/silhouette!! Lovely graphic though Claire x

  7. I've had my Silhouette for 6 months and think I've only cut about 3 things with it. I think you need to spend quite a bit of time playing with it to figure out just exactly what all it can do, so I'll be interested to see how you get on. Thanks for the free download. I'll give it a try. xx

  8. I was given a Cricut over a year ago. Played with it a little and haven't used it since. Will use this as an excuse to bust it out of the box and try it out. I'd rather have had a Silhouette but was not consulted! Thanks, Claire!

  9. Hi Claire! Great story, but I'm glad you're getting to your machine finally. I have the Silhouette SD but the program does not support .svg. Is there a way to get a .svg file to work?


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