Monday, 18 July 2011

...Something Different winners!!!!

We have two winners - one is a completely random winner with a wrong guess, the other is a randomly chosen hit-the-nail-on-the-head winner.....BUT I'm not telling you which is which!! LOL!!! giggle, you'll just have to wait till the end of the month - we're having our SOAP event, but along with that I will be leaking two new of which contained this image....

Our winners are:

Lynne Phelps who said...
It looks like a super cute eye of a child or a girl with those lashes! Some kind of super cute face must be behind it - a little school child perhaps, time for teacher cards? Or a little halloween witch, perhaps some darling trick or treat children?


Robin Cooper who said...
Oh, and here I thought I was good, but I see that everyone guessed it's an eye. It's a princess eye. There, if I try and be specific maybe that'll help.

One of you ladies got it completely right, one of you didn't but you both win a set of your choice - so pop me an email with your choice (, or you may of course wait on the release of these two sets....

Thanks to everyone who played along, I really enjoyed reading the guesses and I am happy to report that a lot of you will be very happy in September.... lol!!


  1. I am so thrilled and excited to have won, whether right or wrong!!! Now of course i am dying of curiosity to see the outcome: school children/trick or treaters vs princess! It will probably take me until this set comes out to make a selection as my wishlist is lllllooooonnnnnnnnnng!!!
    Thanks so much Claire for all the fun and games you provide your faithful fans!

  2. I've got a feeling that we are going to see Wanda in all her shining glory! I can't wait!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!! Fabulous fun, Claire :)

  4. Ooooo!!! I hope the lady who guessed school children is the one who is right!!! I would LOVE to see some cute, old-timey school children and a schoolhouse!

  5. I'm with Pauline!! Well done ladies!! Claire - you're such a tease!

  6. I wanted to say princess, but timing told me a witch... so I am still thinking the schoolgirl image would be correct...

    But I would loooooooove if this was something princess for my little girls!!!

  7. Congrats to the winners!! And Claire, you always keep us guessing! ;) Either answer sounds like a fun stamp set! Curious to know which it is now!!


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