Sunday, 10 July 2011

...have you seen this?

Did you know we run a Christmas card challenge? Yup, Lynn has been running it since January, and now that we're on the home straight to Christmas (lol, well I am...) it's high time to get yourself in shape for the big day!

Here is the link for the general information, we run it from the Forum.

And here is the link to Lynn's cards for this month's challenge - using a star element on your cards!

And here is a link to the forum where the thread for July challenge links will go live later today.

And here is the link for the gallery, where we have a special album for Christmas challenge cards!

So, even if you aren't ready to participate, there is a load of inspiration to be found at that last link!! Yup, you will need to take a moment and create a log in, but it only take a few moments and you can poke around at all the other albums too! come on over!


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