Friday, 22 April 2011

...April waltz winners!!

We had a cracking Easter waltz!!! Thank you to everyone who played along, it was terrific to see the inspiration!! AND thank you for sharing your easter stories!! I really enjoyed reading through and I hope to snaffle a few of your traditions for my own little folks!!

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the random comment in the chat thread prize goes to:


who said:

"It's been a fun waltz: everyone is so talented!! I'll bet it is amazing to Claire to see her creations done in so many different ways! Maybe like sending off your children and seeing what they become when the "grow up" :-)
Well, my fondest memories were hiding and re-hiding, and re-hiding the baskets from each other when we were kids. There were 6 of us, so there was always someone willing to play "hide the basket" with you!! And the house was always messy and full of stuff, so there were always such great places to hide the baskets in!! Was it on the storage shelf, behind the box, was it under the sewing machine in the bag , or was it under that pile of clothes? We had to limit it to one room because there were so many good places to look!! (I never realized how good a messy house could be till I had my own kids and tried to hide baskets, and if your place is tidy and all picked up, it is too easy to find the few hiding places!!)
Happy Easter to you all, and thanks to you, Claire, for hosting another great waltz!!

Ladies pop me an email with your choice of set - OR you may wait on the May release!!! - I will get them out to you ladies soon as I can after the Easter break!!


  1. Wow, Claire!! I never win anything!!! I'm sure amazed!! And thank you very much, it is so generous and kind of you :-) I'll wait till the May release to choose, because I know there will be something fantastic in it that I'll just love!!
    Have a very Happy Easter (and I was noticing that there wasn't a favorite Easter memory of yours on the chat: I know that you must have one! (I love to read your renditions of your experiences: Keep it in the back of your mind that if your drawing creativity ever dries up, you are a fantastic writer and could probably sell tons of books!! You can put such a funny twist on your experiences!! )

    Take Care, Helen


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