Sunday, 30 January 2011

...winner winner chicken dinner!!

LOL!! last week we had a little 3 day Spellbinders blast and I said we'd have a random draw at the store - someone who ordered during the 3 day period would win their shopping basket!! Well!! we got a little sidetracked what with my birthday and all...

So, here is the winner!! I can't tell you how many stamps she won!! That would be indelicate, but I sure hope she's pleased!!!

Congratulations Cassandra Jones of Australia !!!!

I've popped you an email!!!


  1. Congratualtions!!! Well done Cassandra.

    Ali x

  2. congrate Cassandra well done
    hope you had a lovely birthday Claire!

  3. Congratulations Cassandra - enjoy your stamps!

  4. Congratulations Cassandra!!! Enjoy your free order!!! Claire... what a great gift!!!! So sweet of you to do that!

  5. What an awesome prize Claire - YOU ROCK!! Congrats Cassandra!

  6. Great title, Claire! Congrats Cassandra!

  7. As I said in my email to you this morning, WOW! I am still gob-smacked, it is such a generous prize. Really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2011.

  8. Congrats Cassandra! And thanks for hosting such a great contest, Claire.


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