Monday, 10 January 2011

...Help for Katie

Folks, we are asking you for help - we need you to pop over to Jak's blog to read Katie's story. We are now fundraising in the hope that we can assist with treatment costs and also give the wee folk a treat.

What we're offering is a huge big bundle of digital images for just £15 - please go to Jak's to see the entire bundle it is huge - and drawn by a wide variety of designers, I am sure there will be something in it to tickle you!

If you are able, please purchase the bundle - there is a paypal button under the images.

The please tell as many folks as possible about this fundraising event - facebook, twitter, wherever you can.

The card above features one of the digis that WMS has contributed to this event. We think Katie needs some emergency hugs and we just know that you folks can help us to give this special lady some huge big squishy hugs!

Thank you.


  1. Fantastic card Claire and a fantastic fundraising idea too.

  2. what a terrific project you guys have put together Claire! Love your shiny truck and the funky folded ribbon!

  3. Love this Claire! You all rock!

  4. I was so excited to see a card on your blog - it's been so long! - but what a wonderful reason to see one. I ran over and bought my digis! Thanks Claire!

  5. Fab! :)

    P.S. Loving your new light box! :)

  6. Claire,

    Thank you so much... I'm sending you uber big cyber hugs and consider myself very lucky to count you among one my friends.

  7. Such an adorable card Claire! Thank you for creating such darling images for such an awesome cause :)

  8. A lovely card Claire for a great cause. It's really lovely to see a creation by yourself to day, I agree with Meredith, it's been too long! More please!! XXX

  9. Oh that fire truck is so adorable...nee naw (hee!) What an awesome idea to help Katie and her family. You are all so wonderful!

  10. Amazing card for a wonderful cause. Just purchased the set - thanks for creating digis for Katie and her family.

  11. Hello!

    I love your images! I was so impressed with the works of art that were donated by all of you to help Katie! I posted of her story on my blog and am working on some cards using these beautiful images. Thank you!


    Barbara Diane

  12. claire - what a great design and for a great cause! thanks for spreading the word and making us aware. going to dash off to buy my digis...


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