Friday, 7 January 2011

...Happy Friday!

OMGosh! 'sbeen so long!!! how are you? I trust you all had a good Christmas? We had our fair share of 'spanners' in the works, with intermittent water supplies, snow, building works, snow, flu and snow...

I have to say it - I know I shouldn't, but there is something about snow that lifts my spirit! The rest of the planet gets cross, esp my DH, he thinks it's unreasonable of me to like the white stuff since he has to be out driving in it, and of course I'd rather he wasn't, but it does my heart good to look out upon a frosty field, and there's no point in denying it!!

Anyhow....Just wanted to pop on and let folks know that ALL order placed over the Christmas vacation period have now shipped!! I believe that mail is still moving slowly, particularly in the USA and indeed I see reports of more bad weather in USA, so you folks have my sympathy, I sure hope things ease up soon.

At present I am still catching up with emails and I expect that will take until the end of the weekend, so please, if you have emailed me and not heard from me, hang in there, I will get to you, it just might take a moment or six!

Chat soon!


  1. Claire - hoping illness leaves, and does not return! Happy New Year to you :) I must say, I share your feelings about the snow...I don't know exactly what it is...but while everyone else around me grumbles...I get a little smile across my face...every time. :)

  2. Me too, me too! I love snow and get all excited and happy when I spot even the first lame flakes competing with the rain for first place! Our back yard's covered nicely right now and I love it... Funnily enough when we had the last thaw and temperatures rose above zero I was colder than ever!

  3. Been missing you, Claire. Nice to see you back! :-)

  4. happy new year, Claire. great to see you back. have been dragging my feet about re-surfacing, too!


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