Sunday, 19 December 2010

...WMS Nice List Winner!!!!!

Good Sunday Afternoon to you all!!!

This should have been done well over a week ago, but the good folks at the Post Office have been keeping me busy with packages taking longer than usual so I have been chatting with customers whose orders have been delayed!

My apologies if you have been waiting for this post!

Anyhow without further ado I am delighted to announce the winner of our Nice List giveaway!!

Randomly chosen from over 160 worthy and sometimes tear jerkingly moving entries, the prize goes to:

Wendy who said:

"I nominate my friend Debbie (a crafter as well). She has really helped me throughout the whole summer with my problem of being unemployed. She has a local business and she not only gave me work, just when I though that no one would, but she keep encouraging me. She made me realize that I have alot of attributes that I didn't know I had. She had faith in me and come to find out, all I needed was for someone to have FAITH!! Thank you Debbie!!!! I appreciate you SOOOO much!! Now, thanks to Debbie, I will have my own small business, starting January 1st. Wierd, that my first customer has already staked her claim....Debbie. I have tears in my eyes.

Thanks Claire!!! I will visit your blog to read these comments a few times a day, because I LOVE hearing of nice things that people do for one another.

My name is Wendy and you can contact me at wendyjo72xxxxxxxxxx"

You know what ladies and gentlemen? This has been the best competition I have run this year. Yep, we loved the tags, and we've had fun with other challenges, but reading through all of the entries for this competition had me laughing, smiling, and at times weeping for folks. It is so easy to look at news headlines and to believe that the world is full of folks who don't care. Here, in the answers to this Nice List giveaway, we have a goldmine of all that is best about people. Our friends, who care about us.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories, I do hope folks will continue to look in on the stories, they can be found here, and I believe that they capture at least something of the spirit of Christmas.

Wendy - I'm emailing ya, right now!!!!!!


  1. Wendy - well done on winning this competition. I wish you every success in your new venture!! Your friend, Debbie, is a gem!! Someone to be treasured.

    Claire - thanks, this was a brilliant competition - as you say, so many wonderful people in this world.

  2. Congratulations Wendy! Enjoy! And best wishes for a successful business. I enjoyed reading everyone's nominations as well. Thanks Claire!

  3. Congrats Wendy. I hope your new venture is a grand success!

  4. Congratulations Wendy!! What a beautiful story :)

  5. A well deserved win, I think! Thanks for this Claire, it was a wonderful way to stop and think of what really matters! :)

  6. Well deserved wishes for your business start up.

  7. Congrats Wendy! I think in a way we are all winners, as Claire pointed out it so endearing to read great stories and to hear of all the compassion in the world in light of what the media rams down our throats. And even though we don't know one another through the blog world the bond is there none the less. I like to wish all a you & yours a very Happy & Healthy Holiday Season. Be safe, warm and make some great memories. :o)


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