Tuesday, 7 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas Waltzingmouse Style! Day 2

Hello everyone! Lisa the Mousekeeper back again to introduce our next designer to you in this very special presentation we call the 12 Days of Christmas Waltzingmouse Style! If you missed out on Day 1, you've but to click below as I'll keep a cumulative list in each day's post. You won't want to miss a single one!

Now, sing along with me!

On the first day of Christmas, dear Julia brought to you... wonderful gift wrapping!

On the second day of Christmas, dear Anya brings to you...

What could it be? You'll have to visit Anya Schrier's blog to find out!!!

Be sure to join us tomorrow for the third day of Christmas!


  1. Beautiful! You have such a talented group!! Every visit to them is so impressive!


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