Saturday, 7 August 2010 the edge of the world

Hello from the edge of the world!
I raised a few laughs in Westport yesterday when I walked into a mobile phone store and asked for a dongle. I’m reliably informed that a dongle would enable me to surf the internet from the comfort of my armchair overlooking Clew Bay. I thought it was a reasonable enough request, it was greeted with undisguised mirth, I was only slightly

Of course, internet is available here in hotels etc, but I baulk at the thought of stealth surfing undercover of darkness in the street outside the hotel and my wee folk will not tolerate me ‘computing’ while we dine and indeed a few spousal eyebrows have been raised at my even bringing the laptop with me so I’m afraid it must remain languishing in the corner while I lavish undiluted attention upon my wee clan! In fairness I am enjoying the family time...could do without the sandridden wetsuits tho’...

Anyhow, here’s a couple of pics we snapped last night, the first is a pretty sunset seen at Lecanvey, the second is the national famine monument at Murrisk, f you’re squeamish you won’t want to study this pic too’s a ship fairly rigged with skeletal shapes. The first time we saw it we approached it eagerly and then hurried the wee folk away when we actually realised what it was.

It’s a terrific piece of art but takes some explaining to a 6 year old.

Right, must be off, fish to be caught! Chat soon!


  1. Wow, that ship is something else. I hope you are enjoying a very well deserved break.

  2. Lovely photos! Hope you are enjoying your get-away. Our family visited the Crypt of the Capuchin monks in Rome two years ago...another case of skeletons as art. Not for the squeamish, but with explanations, we were all able to appreciate the beauty of the whole thing, and the reverence with which the monks treated their departed bretheren. The little one was 6 at the time, and he didn't have any nightmares afterwards, though Disney movies is another story!! :)

  3. Ohhh Westport was one of my favorite towns.
    Enjoy your so deserve a break.

  4. Hello there missy! so glad to hear from you! glad you are having rest and relaxation and wet sandy suits! We're here and having great fun with your stamps - so carry on and we'll see you when you get back!! Sounds like you are in a wonderful place! thanks for the pics!

  5. Beautiful photos. Take care and have a wonderful holiday.

  6. Hello Claire,

    kepp on having a very good time and don´t think about business, it´s all waiting here for you and we sure keep you busy when you are back again, hehe.

    Hugs, Tina

  7. Howdy beautiful lady!!
    Love the photos!! There's nothing I like better than a good sunset: where I grew up we had a clear view out to the hills on the west, and It seams like every night my mom would tell us,"Come and see the beautiful sunset." As a teenager I wasn't so impressed, but now, living in the low part of town and with a house right next to us, I only get to see a good sunset once in awhile.
    And don't worry, you deserve a big rest. the trouble is, like Julia Aston said, we're here playing with your stamps, and you're where you can't stamp! The irony of it all!!! You take care, we want you well rested so those creative juices can keep flowing:-)

  8. Hey you! It sounds like you're having a fantastic time! Love the pictures and can't wait to see more! Enjoy the time with your family and your well-deserved vacation! Hugs!

  9. Oh Claire, enjoy your holidays. I'm wishfully waiting on our holidays in Ireland in Mayo in october :)
    Hugs Doreen

  10. Great pictures Claire. I'd love to see the skeletal figures for real. Maybe one day we'll get there. Hope the rest of your vacation is wonderful!

    There were more than raised eyebrows when I suggested bringing my laptop with me so I'll be solely relying on wifi for my phone for the next week.. eeek!!!

  11. Claire so glad you're havin a great break - surprising how hard it is to leave the computer (and internet) well enough alone for several days huh? I'm off to Christian camp next week - hoping some kind soul will at least let me borrow their laptop long enough to check my emails! Been missin ya tho'LOL!

  12. So happy you are enjoying your time away with your family Claire :) The photos are breath taking! Take care & be safe while away on your adventures!


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