Saturday, 10 July 2010


We took delivery of many of the out of stock sets earlier this evening and my DH and I have been working solidly to get as many of the outstanding orders out as possible.

We got a partial delivery of Vintage labels 2 and we are still waiting for Say it with style and a few more Vintage labels 10, but we were able to get a huge number of envelopes ready to go. We just finished! It's 2.30am here and the envies need to be at the PO for 9 am so I'm gonna run catch a few zzzz, I'll update the store etc tomorrow, and I'm sure looking forward to sending out a good few happy shipping notices tomorrow!!

Have a fabby weekend!


  1. Yayyy! :) THANK YOU for all of your hard work Claire! p.s., I went and bought some Labels 2 Nesties so I'm ready to go as soon as my stamps get in! :) Yay!

  2. Claire, please say thanks to your husband, you got one of the best I guess. :)

    Hugs, Tina

  3. What a team!! You and DH are stars ... hope you're not both too zonked to enjoy a wonderful weekend ... have a great one!!

  4. Oh Claire this is such great news. I sure hope my order is in that batch - the first ever WM workshop is only a week away and I'm beginning to sweat it! Plus I have friends comin to play with my new stamps next Friday and I ain't even got em yet! LOL I simply can't relax till I get them in my grubby mits. Sure appreciate all your hard work on our behalf tho'. Blessings :-)

  5. It's Christmas in July! My stamp sets arrived yesterday and with 100 degree temps outside, I'll just play with them inside. Thanks for getting them here in the US so quickly! You are amazing, Claire.


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