Monday, 5 July 2010

...the BIG winner!!

We ran a little random thing here during the release, I said we'd draw a random shopper to win their entire cart load of goodies!!! WOW! There were quite a few folks who shopped with us between the Thursday and the Saturday night and the random winner was:

Sharon Conway

I cannot of course tell you exactly how many sets Sharon won, but I'm hoping that if you are reading this Sharon, that you are grinning!!!

I have emailed you Sharon to let you know the details! Thank you for shopping with us!

LOVE this competition!!, It's the sort of thing I'd have loved to win before I started WMS!! LOL!!

Shipping update:

As always at release time, I pack and ship solidly before even starting on the paperwork. This last couple of releases I've seemed to pack for days on end so a little general shipping info might be in order.

If you ordered on the 1st or 2nd and have not heard from me, this is probably a good thing! LOL, I've been trying to contact folks whose orders contain out of stock items, I have not finished yet, but I believe that I have sent emails to folks who ordered on those two days.

Folks who ordered after that date, I am working my way down the list, emailing folks as I go along to advise them if there order is waiting for any items. Only after waiting orders have been informed and everything that can ship, has shipped, will I start on shipping notices. Most folks will probably receive their shipping notice after they get the goodies! I apologise for this but it would slow me down tenfold to do the shipping notes as I go along as they have to be sent out individually, my store doesn't send bulk emails. My priority is always to ship first , do paperwork after. Hope that's ok!


  1. I, for one, don't mind not getting the paperwork! Hey, we're all anxious to play with our new stamps, so shipping first is fine by me!! So glad to hear that this release was another roaring success... congrats to you Claire!

  2. Congrats Sharon! Enjoy your goodies! Well Done Claire! This release has been a great success! I hope you can get some rest before the shipment of stamps arrives!

  3. Definitely posting these fantastic stamps comes first!!

  4. I received my Rescue Remedies set this morning, and it is totally gorgeous. Can't wait to get it all inky!!!!

  5. Congratulations Sharon!

    I received my stamp sets today Claire and I am delighted with them. Many thanks.
    Clare x

  6. I take it as a good sign that I had no email from WMS in my inbox - that means my stamps are on their way and perhaps I will get to play and create during my vacation this week! Thanks again Claire for another group of great sets and for your generous free shipping offer!

  7. Hello Claire!

    Since I didnt hear from you, I asume, my order went out already.... YES.... I am so excited.... thanks for all the work and packing and dont worry about the paperwork- guess, everybody can live with the delay on this matter....

    I will let you know as soon as the sets arrived here in Germany... have no idea how long this usually takes to get here..

    Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy!

    Best wishes!


  8. Hi Claire

    Just a quick note to say thanks so much - got the stamps yesterday. They are so wonderful! Can't wait to start playing with them.
    Deborah x

  9. Hello Claire!

    I just received my order of those great stamps yesterday- they are so beautyful! Thank you so much for the quick delivery!

    Best wishes from Germany!



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