Friday, 25 June 2010


LOL, I ran a competition last weekend, I asked you all to tell me your fave embellishment and then with all the fuss this week i went and forgot!!!

So sorry! anyhow the winner (randomly picked by the number generator thingumabob) is:

Blogger Tracey Cuccia who said...

Claire - that is absolutely gorgeous -- love it!! And I was wondering what set those other images were I know ;). Fantastic :). My favorite embellishment??? Pretty much anything that sparkles...but ribbon always dresses things up too...Hoping to play along this week!

Congratulations Tracey!! pop me your addy and i'll send you out a little something!!! Can't spill cos it's part of this release!! LOL!!

Back in the morning!


  1. Get OUT!!! You've totally made my night brighter :) Thank you Claire -- you sure know how to spread some cheer!!


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