Tuesday, 25 May 2010

...good morning!

So I'm wading through 'oldie but goodie' projects, thinking about my first year in business, the set above was from the September '09 release. I really feel like I'm just getting into the swing of things now and my ideas books are full to bursting with all sorts of notions I'd love to roll out!!!!

I am particularly excited by one product that I'm hoping to bring out in June, the timing is tight, but I might just make it!!! It's some thing I have wanted FOREVER!! I may be the only person on the planet who see's the value in it, and I must admit my DH is scratching his head over it, lol! but you never know, it might catch on...LOL!

If you've been around the old blog at all this last week or two, you'll know that our first anniversary May release was huge. So huge that I had to push the June sets back to July! Still that's no bad thing, it gives me a chance to think about the business and really concentrate on a few things that otherwise might get delayed, such as the...well, Lisa will tell you more about it at some point! lol (wink Lisa!)

I'm hoping you'll pop back for our June release anyway though, even though there will be no stamps for June, there are a couple of other things going on....

Today's blast from the not too distant past is the Peace and Plenty set, I wheeled out the little thanksgiving ensemble I made for its release, I love the vibrant blue with the tan! you can read all about it here if you missed it and look at other samples here in the store.

I paired it up with Blessed by You, ideal for thank you projects.


  1. Both of these cards are gorgeous Claire! That blue is so rich looking - it has a soft suede look.

  2. Such a beautiful ensemble, Claire! Can't wait to see what the new product is for June - (men don't GET a lot of things :).
    I'm sure we papercrafters will see it right away (and want one, of course, !)

  3. These are beautiful projects, Claire! With the cooler weather we're having here, I feel like making Fall inspired cards!

  4. I loved seeing these at the time but even more so now... cos can appreciate all the details....mega fantabulous!!!
    Angela xxx.
    p.s. wonder what Lisa has to tell us???

  5. Gorgeous! I'm super excited about July!

  6. I'm glad I found your blog and your stamps. I'm looking forward to the new release.


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