Thursday, 27 May 2010

...good evening!

Good evening! A few Halloween samples from the August 09 release, I do love the Halloween Party set!

I am indulging myself in the luxury of posting 'oldie but goodie' projects this week while I get to grips with a few behind the scenes things at WMS! Hope you don't mind. I hope to actually make something new real soon! as I have some new Spellbinders dies just waiting to be opened!!...and a silhouette/robocraft...still in the box...shame on me!!! LOL!

We plan to have our traditional 1st of the month blog waltz next Tue 1st June, so do pop back and join us, there will be some new items for the store, but no stamps this month...but I think you'll find July worth waiting for...LOL!


  1. OH wow- I just adore all of your projects Claire! WOW...Halloween is one of my favorite holidays- *LOVE* these images!

  2. I'm a big Halloween fan. These projects look good.

  3. Fantastic projects,

  4. I'm delighted you are revisiting these projects! Sooo much to learn - all your fabulous details and techniques, I have a hard time keeping up. Thanks for the extra review!

  5. Hi Claire,
    it's my first visit to your blog and it's great to see what you've done before. Your stamp sets look fantastic, I found your link through Jak Heath.

  6. If the black striped candies are licorice, you can bet I'll make them magically disappear pronto!
    This w/e I'll have a dear friend visiting and I'm making up a box of cards for her. I use her US addy for online shopping and the SweetPea wants cards as payment for postage-wow! It's going to be busy and fun and I can't wait!

  7. Every year I get so much more into Halloween, and this set was really enticing to me last year, I just couldn't quite figure how I might use it. But, I still love it, and as Emma gets older, I am thinking up new ways I COULD use it, so we'll see.....

    I don't mind you showing off old stuff at all... I am seeing a thing or 2 I missed in the past!

  8. I love, love, love this Halloween set Claire! can't wait to see the new items for June --- and THEN New stamps in July whoo hoo!!!! can we wait that long!?!?!?!

  9. This halloween set is by far the best set I've yet to see...and I don't even care for All Hallow's Eve. And yet this set has still made it on my wish list.


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