Friday, 30 April 2010

...just a heads up for tomorrow

I've had stacks of email enquiries about the release so I just wanted to post some info regarding how it's all going to work tomorrow!! Apologies if you have been confused!!

8.00am my time - I will post my last samples for this might want to see them, it's a bit of fun!

12.00 midday my time - the Challenge competition closes for the BIG PRIZE of all 8 stamp sets from tomorrows release!! If you hurry, there's just time, it's a simple sketch!

6.30pm my time - I will post the winner's name here on the blog!

7.00pm my time -
  • I will formally open the release.
  • All of the artwork for the new stamp sets will be posted here on the blog.
  • The store will start showing the new sets and other goodies!
  • The DT Blog Waltz links will be published here for your enjoyment, the ladies have worked so hard and you don't want to miss it!!
  • As always there are prizes to be had on the blog waltz!!

Regarding stock - hugely important!

It seems my Free shipping promotion (for orders over £50) is proving of interest, lol. I have taken a frighteningly large number of enquiries regarding this during the week!! I have a decent quantity of stock for all the sets to hand and just this evening received replenishments of other sets as well.

Obviously I am hoping to be able to fulfill all orders I receive over the two day shipping promo period, but just in case things do sell out I WILL be allowing the store to take back orders on stamp sets so that folks can still avail of the free shipping offer.

Normally the store will not allow customers to add a stamp set to their basket if it is not actually physically in stock. Tomorrow and Sunday the store will allow sets to be added to the basket even if the set has sold out.

Orders including a sold out set will ship as soon as the set comes back in stock. This should not delay affected orders for more than a week as I have already ordered more stock due to the number of enquiries I received this week.

I will of course email folks whose orders will be fulfilled in this way to let you know exactly what stage your order is at.

does that sound ok to you??


  1. Thanks for the heads up Claire,

    Bonnie Jean

  2. Ok, I checked the time converter and 7 pm in N. Ireland is 2 pm in Washington DC. I THINK!! LOL I will be sure to be home. I hope nothing interferes!

  3. Sounds great! I'm really excited for the release and it's great to hear so many others are too! Hope you're ready for all of us! :) Hope you're getting some sleep too!

  4. Sound FABBO Claire, I like the ability to back order at release time, and you know I want some more rodents!!

  5. AND I meant to say, it will save me getting up at 4am to order, that is always a good thing!!

  6. I am looking forward to seeing all the sets in their entirety!

  7. I can't wait to order... I know that I will like a lot of sets :)
    You are releasing gourgeous stamps. Thanks so much for all the work you do!!!!

  8. I found your stamps just a week ago, and I have been waiting for today for sure!! I´m happy all orders will be taken, I don´t mind waiting for stamps, just need to know I´m getting some,lol
    Now if I could just deside what sets to get first...

  9. Didn't realise it wasn't an eatable cake you were going off to make yesterday!!! This one is just wonderful....well done...and as for the teacup....amazing and I didn't realise it wasn't a real one for a moment or two...honestly you have excelled yourself yet again. All the best for later.

  10. Thanks for the schedule and for assisting with the free postage. I am looking forward to seeing these new sets and doing some shopping.


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