Saturday, 10 April 2010

...Just for fun!

Okay I have just had a fab idea.

I am going to pick, at random, a friend of WMS to win a WMS stamp set from the MAY release!!

That's right, just for fun, I'm going to go to the Waltzingmousehouse forum on Wednesday Next (14th April) and chose one person from the registered members -
who have actually posted on the forum - the random winner will receive a stamp set from the upcoming MAY release, I will ship it right out!!! the winner will have it before anyone else on the planet, well nearly...obviously I have some!

So, to be in with a chance of winning, pop over to the Forum, register (it takes seconds) and mosey about until you see something you want to leave a post on. Post your comment and don't forget to check back on Wednesday to see if you won, the winner will ONLY be posted in the Forum!! teehee!!


  1. Oooooooh, me pleeeeeease - just for fun!

  2. EXCITING!!!!! It will be so amazing for one lucky friend to have a May stamp set at the same time as the DT get theirs!!! COOL!
    Angela xxx.

  3. Sandy in Epping10 April 2010 at 15:34

    I can't wait to see who is the lucky duck to get this. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to be part of your forum, though, I feel like I'm back in my Grandma's kitchen while reading and responding to the topics there I can almost hear the brogues and the chuckles around the table.

  4. Fan...tastic idea. Who isn't registered in your forum? The recipes, ideas are amazing!

  5. Thanks for the nudge to finally sign up for your forum! I have been meaning to, but kept putting it off. I love WMS and the forum looks really great. :)


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