Sunday, 25 April 2010

...icky stuff, and the May release

Just wanted to pop on with a heads up about a couple of things I should mention before the May release. We'll start with the icky stuff and get to the good news after. I started my little stamp company last year, when VAT was 15% (VAT is a government tax that I have to pay when I purchase stock and packaging supplies etc.) The VAT rate rose to 17.5% in January this year, so my costs went up. My manufacturing costs also rose in January when my supplier made their annual price adjustments.

I did not raise my prices at that point. I felt that it was too soon after I had made a slight adjustment to the pricing in November. Frankly, I wanted to wait until after the May release and the first birthday celebrations. I was prepared to swallow the extra cost until then.

Then I had a bright idea, there was a little something I wanted to try out for the May release. I know a lot of folks really value a shipping break and I was intending to offer a shipping deal. This is where it gets complicated. I am nearly at the point where the volume of mail I send out would qualify me for a discount from the Post Office, which I aim to pass on to customers, BUT I am not quite there just yet.

So here's what I'm going to do. I will hold off. I will not put up the prices until May 5th, that way everyone has a fair chance of getting any sets they want before the price increase, including the new release sets. The price raise is necessary but will be minimal, I haven't had the final figure from my accountant but it will be somewhere under £1 per stamp set much like it was last time. It will only apply to stamps, digital product prices will not rise.

And the good news!!
I will go ahead with a TEST shipping promotion. For two days May 1st and May 2nd (next Saturday and Sunday) anyone whose order exceeds £50 will receive free shipping. If the test proves popular I may consider running a similar promotion again, but I can't make anything permanent until my shipping volumes exceed a certain point and I get that discount for us all. So spread the word!! together we could snag us some free shipping!!

All purchases in the store will count towards the free shipping on those two days, even digital product!!!!!!!

As always, I value your feedback, whatever your opinion. I like to think that if I can listen and respond to what folks think, that there's a better chance of my still 'being around' in a couple of years!!


  1. Hi Claire

    Please don't worry about the price
    raise your stamps are so great and such good value for the money.

    I think the free shipping will be a good one.
    Hope you will get the discount from the post office.

    And look very much forward to the release.


  2. Hi Claire,
    It still sounds like a Great deal!!
    I am not going to stop buying your stamps. You still offer the best price and shipping anyway. I wouldn't worry!! Anyone who buys your stamps will keep buying them I am sure. The old saying goes
    "you get what you pay for". I belive your product is well worth it. All the best to you.
    Bonnie H.

  3. Claire, that sounds like a fabulous idea... and all the rest is the way of the world... thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

  4. Awesome Clare! Looks like I should plan on shopping May 1st!

  5. Hey Claire - just like you to think of all of us - how sweet. I hope you get the discount from the PO too - would be nice to get something after all the business you've passed their way this past year but it won't stop crafter's buying your fab stamps.


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