Wednesday, 31 March 2010

...there's a bit of a wind...

Hi all! It's Lisa, stepping in here for a moment to let you know that Claire's post may be up a bit late today. She was able to get word to us through her cellular service that due to stormy weather in Ireland, the electricity is out. Hopefully... for a number of reasons... it will be back up soon and Claire can delight us with her creations on Day Three of our sneak peeks of the two new stamp sets releasing on Thursday (weather willing!). In the meantime, please visit Julia, Belinda, Anya, Bonnie and Laurie to see what they've come up with to delight and tantalize you!


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  1. A 'bit of a wind' is the understatement of the year....snow, gales,sleet etc...and where you live Claire is notorious for the worst weather...hope you gets your electric on soon...we were off during the night for only 2 hours so we are fortunate.....especially when 20,000 homes are without electric. Take care and try to keep warm by whatever means!


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