Wednesday, 25 November 2009

...Happy Thanksgiving

To all my American buddies and customers, I wish you all Happy Thanksgiving!! Tonight I'm very thanksful for the fact that my son's hospital appointment went well today!!


Ever buy anything and then instantly regret it?

Today I took delivery of new window blinds, my old ones were literally falling apart. We operate on a replace-it-only-when-it-causes-acute-embarrassment basis. We don't have a mountain of funds for household maintenance, don't get me wrong, I'm not crying poverty but we knew the going would be a little tough while one of us was at home raising little folk - I expect most folks are in the same boat.

So this month it was time to finally do something about the blinds. I'd love to do without them completely but we're well within view of anyone who cares to turn around. Indeed we once had a neighbour across the street who used to toast me with his glass of wine from his front window in the evenings while I fed my daughter in the dining area at the rear of our house...

Feeling lucky, I was delighted when the guy arrived with the blinds, very polite, everything beautifully fitted, even managed to bag the fabric I wanted at a terrific price. I thought clean white would be a nice change from the cream we'd had before. Nothing, not at all one thing, to do with my aunts' casual comment that cream blinds looked nicotine stained...

Spent 5 mins hoovering the drill dust up and relaxed with tea, smiling at my good fortune, before popping out to get small folks from school and then over to the hospital for Little dude's appointment.

Nothing prepared me for the fact that upon my return, in the dark, my house looked like it was radio active.

I kid you not. There seems to be some sort of UV attractant in the fabric that glows an eerie kind of blue whiteness in the dark. I believe we may be visible from space. I just saw a satellite come back for another look. Keep an eye out for it on google earth. They're gonna have to go...


  1. So.... that regal wave from afar is you?! Heehee You crack me up!
    I would never have thought that clean white blinds would have produced such an eerie look, but it might look a bit Christmasy if you add some sparkly lights. In fact, I bet you'll miss that extra glow come January ;)
    Just trying to be positive here...

  2. LOL - it's much appreciated Heather! yep - I'll get the fairy lights out and turn it into a feature!! lol

  3. Oh, how funny!!! That was such an unexpected outcome... I just thought you were going to say you didn't like the color! :-) How about some nicotine staining ??? ;-)

  4. Too funny! Claire, you should write books. You have such a way with words.

    With four boys and four pets, I long ago swore off white or light-colored anything. You should see my once beautiful light beige-ish (at least I think that's what it was) living room carpet which desperately needs to be replaced, but I haven't found the odd $1000 laying around yet. I keep hoping people will think they are shadows instead of stains. Ha!

    Be sure to wave to the astronauts!


  5. Oh, Claire, I love your sense of humor! I am SO sorry your much-needed new blinds are "blinding" you in the night! I do hope the company can help you out with some replacements at a reasonable price difference.
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Bonnie & I were just emailing about you -- were your ears ringing? LOL! It was all very complimentary, I assure you!!!
    Keeping good positive thoughts for your wee boy!!!

  6. Is that YOUR house I saw?!?!? lol. Sorry about the blinds - but a big WHOO HOO for your little guy's appointment -- glad it went well.

    Maybe you need a day or two to adjust...maybe?? :)

  7. you crack me up. glad the appointment went well...

  8. Oh no, but oh how funny! Thanks for the lovely Thanksgiving wishes. Hope you have a wonderful day yourself!

  9. Oh dear Claire! Sorry your blinds aren't what you wanted but sooo glad about your son's appointment! It's hard to go from cream to bright white isn't it?! Thanks for the chuckle though :0)

  10. Thanks for the laugh Claire, your witty anecdotes never fail to make my day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Well, remember, the appointment was the important piece of the day, lol! Claire, just don't do any housework from now til Christmas- they will get a little dusty and won't reflect light! Anyway, why not just call them dual efficient since they function as a night light?!?

  12. Oh, my, oh, my!!! glowing blinds! this will fast become a neighborhood legend I'm sure!!!

  13. LOL at your blinds and thriftyness. The blinds you will get used to in a day or so. As for thrift - our kettle kept going with slight leak (after all it should scale up after a while shouldn't it?)- it was when the knob for opening the lid fell off that I knew the time had come to replace it.
    Glad the hospital appt. went well.

  14. Next time I'm in Lisburn I won't have any bother picking out your home....just joking! Glad the hospital appointment went well.

  15. Lol Claire! That's funny! I don't know why, but everytime I read your blog or anything you write, I have to say it to myself in "me best Irish accent" and then I have to add a "to be sure, to be sure"!! Sorry, I am not taking the mickey, it is just something I do!:) Acutally I find the Irish accent very easy on the ears. I just love the way you tell stories about your wee people. I also haven't heard 'fairy lights' in forever. I wish I was going home for Christmas! Anyway, I digress, it is hard to go from cream to white, but I so love white. I am sure you will get used to them with time. Glad to know your wee boy is OK!

  16. Great story. I can totally relate. Going from Cream "nicotine stained" blinds to crisp clean white doesn't seem like a big change but it can give an unexpected result.Many years from now when you are considering another change, you will pick something non-white and you will think your whole house is being blocked from the sun by a cloud.

  17. Goodness Claire, you are truly hysterical!! I had such a good laugh with this post. I still have a smile on my face as I type this.

    So glad to hear all went well with the appointment, will keep believing to hear only good reports in future.

    Still looking for a moment to ink up my keeps getting in the way of my creating at the moment!! Argh!! (Hence I'm typing my reply at midnight AEDST or whatever the letters are these days, lol).

    Hugs. xxx


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