Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Ed - I have kept a couple of comments back on the store competition that are headed in the right direction towards the answer, I will hold these till the competition is over and if no-one gets it bang on, the closest of these will win!!!! lol, what fun, and what fab ideas for sets!!!!!!!

The competition is still on over at the store, It will run for a day or two yet. A couple of folks have been a bit luke warm but no-one has been on fire with their guess!! lol. I so can't wait to see what you all make of this one!! and 'tut tut' all you ladies who thought it was something, shall we say, risqué!! lol, not a bit of it!!

I don't mind how many times you enter, or how many guesses you make but I'm holding out for the person who hits the nail directly on the head, I have to be specific about this, you'll see why!!!

I will withhold the correct answer tho' as I don't want to give the game away before I get to show you all myself!!!so if you see your comment, it means you didn't guess right and you gotta try again!!, lol

Also today Belinda has a charming wee 'cardie' up today and I think Laurie said she just might post something WMS later on, don't hold me to it tho - there's one busy lady!! lol.

Due to the change of supplier (check here to see what I'm blethering about!) my timing is a little off this month, and my release will most likely happen on Monday - earlier if I can, but at present it's looking like Monday!!

I will be starting peeks tomorrow, or maybe tonight, I have all the patience of a two year


  1. Hi Claire,

    Ok a shot in the dark here - mice themed stamps - I know I dont' know what I was thinking - but it's driving me crazy not knowing hee hee.

    Can't wait it's too exciting :D

  2. Egads! so I was close with the cookie idea huh :)
    Hmmm.....Christmas Cookies. All with different shapes, of course!
    Mind you, it could also be a cookery stamp set, too.
    Oh! How about a Gingerbread House Stamp Set? You'd make a great one, I'm sure!!
    I think we need one of those- no one has made one that I recall.

  3. Claire, knowing you and your obsession with Christmas I'm thinking it's some kind of nativity set or that you're working well ahead of schedule and you've come up with a luxurious valentines set!

  4. Hmmmmm, Christmas cookies? Looking at your comment about something smelling could be Valentine's day cookies, too? Close?

  5. My guess is for a hot beverage set...Since it will be winter, I'm thinking tea, hot cocoa...mmmm, now I'm going to have to make some! lol


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