Friday, 30 October 2009

...DT posts! and fun with customs

ED - check out Laurie's post too!!!

Pop over to Julia today for some thanksgiving goodness, Anya's having a happy harvest and Bonnies' gorgeous hearts are still up if you missed them, I'll be back later with more release stuff!!

Oh and customs and excise are proving to be much fun and games. The hilarity was compounded this morning when they held my shipment of vintage lables due to a missing number!!!... it's going to be Monday delivery now at best. I do apologise! More info as I get it!! hoping everyone is too busy with halloween to be annoyed!!lol

see ya later!


  1. Hello, Claire, I can relate to this entirely... It is really really awful getting stuff from the USA to our islands. Well, it gets to the islands OK but then gets stuck in Customs for weeks on end!!!
    Hope to see your invoice in my mail box on Monday for the vintage labels as if so all is well with delivery to you.
    Angela xxx.

  2. Those naughty customs peeps - slap them the next time you see them - for me, okay? LOL


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