Tuesday, 13 October 2009

...cackle cackle, and Did you know?

I loved reading the comments to the last post!! - thank you all ladies, I have been terrible about leaving comments for folks lately, really have to get back into the swing of it!

So tonight I have a Halloween card for you, I wanted to show you a neat trick with the wee dotty border from the Very Vintage labels No.4 set, which I'm hoping will be back in stock tomorrow - I'll be emailing everyone on my list soon as I get them!
If you emboss it in gold or silver and do a little cutting in the centre it makes a great buckle!! Ideal for this witches hat!!

If you scroll down you'll see how to make your cuts.

I used my Off Beat backgrounds zig zag stamp, one of my all time faves, to add some texture to the front of the hat. It was clear embossed onto versamark. sanded, stitched etc.

I love that ribbon, it was a Christmas ribbon from Ikea last year, It has been in a box all year just waiting for tonight! LOL

For the inside I used my Halloween Party stamp set. My Martha Stewart punch just wasn't up to PTI cardstock this evening so I lined the card with some shimmery green paper I got from The PaperMill shop, UK.

Now, below, it's a good idea to emboss your image and then cut out the centre, you just want to leave a decent strip through the center for the ribbon to thread over, my cutting out is quite rough, but I sanded it with a wee emery board after to smooth it.

After you have done the center cutting you can cut out the buckle with a Nestability die from the Labels 4 set. Or you can trim it out with scissors, if you do leave a decent border, so's you can rub the edges in Versamark and dip them in gold embossing powder, then heat set, this wee touch just finishes it off!

The actual card is based on a 8.5 inch square folded in half along a diagonal. I measured 8.5 inches down the folded edge and cut from there over to the opposite point to make the bottom level, don't discard the cut off, you can use it to make the brim, seem below. Adhere the brim to the card front first.

I then make a panel for the front of the hat, just about 1/8th of an inch smaller all around than the card itself and do all my background stamping, stitching on this. I added the ribbon and buckle and then adhere this to the card front.

Hope it tickles!

Did you know?

I have received several emails for folks who were kind enough to show me cards and things they have made with Waltzingmouse Stamps!!! I LOVE this! It's the best bit for me, seeing what folks make with my stamps!

I am looking into a gallery facility for the store but It might be a couple of months before I'm sorted, In the meantime, if you are so inclined, you can upload them to the SCS gallery and just pop Waltzingmouse, or Waltzingmouse Stamps in where it asks for the stamps used and we can all nosey at each others cards together!! what fun!!

I am now officially listed on SCS as a company so likewise, if you go to the gallery and do a search for Waltzingmouse, you will find cards using my stamps. Or you could go to where the companies are listed and just click on Waltzingmouse Stamps!! Imagine!

But don't let this put you off if you were going to email me!! It's a fab surprise seeing all these gorgeous cards in my inbox!!! Thank you all so much!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a darling witch's hat Claire! It's so clever!! It's really exciting that you're listed on Splitcoast as a company now! Congratulations!!

  2. Very cool project Claire!

    A wee tip for you (as you would say!): if you put your punch in the freezer, it will punch through that heavier paper. You have to work quickly because as it warms up, it loses that "edge," but I can usually get done what I want in that time. This works well for those punches that have a lot of detail and therefore don't like cardstock. I now keep several punches in my freezer. My husband and boys just push them aside when digging around for something. They think I'm crazy anyway!

  3. Wow! This is so perfect! I love all the details you put into it - who could say no to an invite like this? You are such an inspiration! :)

  4. This is fabulous! I'm missed so much lately I need to get caught up...

  5. Love it Claire! How brilliant :)

  6. What a great project, Claire. I am just waiting for the Vintage Labels and then I'm placing my order. Managed to get a set of Nesties Labels 4 so I'm all set to go. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!

  7. You are so clever and I'm glad to hear your Labels 4 set will be available again soon. I waited too long to get it. And my birthday is next week, not that I need a reason to get your fabulous set :-).

  8. Hi Claire, the witches hat is soooo cute - I wish i cold decode how your brain works !! I look at a label...and see...a label !
    Oh well...
    p.s. ON TENTERHOOKS to find out your news.......
    Can't think of what could be more exciting than launching you own stamp company ???!!!

  9. Oh, fearless leader - you are just SO creative in your 'out of the box' thinking! I LOVE how you used the label for a buckle! This hat is just so fabo!!

  10. OMGoodness!!! What a great card! I just got my stamps in the mail yesterday and I'm going to have to try this card out! Thanks for the inspiration and for the wonderful stamps! :)

  11. What a super cute Halloween card! I love it! How creative is that! The detail is wonderful as always! You are featured on Card of the Week for this project just in case you didn't know! Great stuff! Best, Curt

  12. What a cool Halloween card!! The zig-zag bg looks wonderful and I love the buckle! tfs

  13. These vintage labels are soooo good....I've made 9 of the smallest ones and edged them today and have written each of the 'fruits of the spirit' for a Harvest Thanksgiving service...I also made backs for them and decorated the back with the small swirly stamp...these two pieces will have a wire or cocktail stick stuck between them and they are going to adorn a narrow bud vase with a rose in it.....wish I could have a photo but I don't....they are so sweet...and the little dotty border was so easy to accomplish. It is just such a pleasure to work with these I'm off to SCS for a peek.

  14. What a clever idea for the witch's hat--you really have the best visions!

  15. Hee-Hee -- I love Rose's comment about decoding your brain, as my brain sadly works more like hers than yours! If we could all be like you & Becca Feeken, WOW! What a totally exciting papercrafting world we'd all live in!!! ;-)
    Your witch's hat is just fabulous, Claire! I'm hoping the new year will bring more crafty cash my way, so I can actually order some of your AWESOME stamps! Fingers crossed! Thank you for always sharing your fabulously insightful ideas with all of us!!!

  16. how do you think up this stuff?? wow, this rocks!

  17. This is just so cool - absolutely fabulous idea beautifully made. Just perfect like all your work.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely coment. So kind of you.

    Ann xxx

  18. Excellent! I'm going to adapt this great idea for paper witches hats for the kids - brilliant as usual Claire. And thanks too to Lisa for her freezer punch hint - I'm definitely going to try that!

  19. Love love love this Claire, now how did you ever think about making that tag into a buckle? Why do I never see things like that? lol. Donna x


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