Wednesday, 16 September 2009

...Sneak Peek No 5. Sept'09

ED - Just to let you know, Today I received a consignment of stamps and I now have in stock: Very Vintage Christmas
Earth Angel
Irish Blessings
Celtic Heritage
Say it with Style
Gingerbread Joy - Oven Fresh
Gingerbread Joy - Half Baked

Today's sneak peek is an image from the Background set that will be releasing soon. It is part of the same stampset that contains the Plaid making stamp seen HERE and HERE.

About the release: I have not set a definite date as yet for the release. Part of the reason for this is that since I am a one person company, I do it all myself, designing, order processing/packing, making samples etc.

As such, I worked out roughly how many days of samples I need for each new stamp set I produce. I figured that 2-3 days per set is about right. Normally I will be producing 2 sets per month and so the build up to each release will usually be just under a week long with samples, sneak peeks etc.

I have said it before but you mightn't have read it, lol, there are just some sets that I HAD to get out there, things that have been flapping about in my head for ages! lol - that is part of the reason that this next release is all set to be a monster release! The other reason is that I will be formally Launching my little company with a brand new webstore!!!! you can guess how much work has gone into that! lol.

Also. I will be announcing the Design Team!!!

In the future I hope to have the help of the design team with samples etc and so I'm expecting to get into a routine whereby I will release 2 sets a month, and the sneak peeks/release will take just under a week.

I realize that my releases have been a little scattered and a lot of folks like a bit of routine (myself included!) but this has been due to the upheaval and huge amount of work involved in setting up a new company, I do expect this to settle. I thank you all for putting up with me in the meantime and I look forward to the release - I'm itching to open the store!!!!!

I hope that the samples over the next week or so will keep you folks from getting bored in the meantime, and stay tuned since it is a monster release - there will be a competition one of these days with a monster prize!!!!!!!


  1. This set just keeps getting better! I can't wait to see the rest! Good Luck with the rest of your preparations for the monster release Claire! It's sure to be a success!

  2. Good Luck!! You have a captivated auidience, with your sneak peaks, cant wait to see the full sets,
    hugs Angela x

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on the plaid set - let me know when it's released please. thanks. x

  4. I am loving the look of this background set - oh I hope the release date is some time REAL soon!

  5. You've definately kept me interested with your sneak peeks Claire, I can't wait for the launch of the new sets and your new store, I can understand how excited you must be. Good luck. Donna x

  6. That pattern reminds me of a blanket my Mom made for my brother -- I love it :) I'm sure it isn't easy being a one gal operation...maybe I should move to Ireland to help you out?? LOL. Seriously though -- don't feel like you have to apologize - I think you are doing GREAT! :)

  7. This looks like a fun stamp to work with for a border - I can just imagine how much work this all is for you! it will be so nice when it's all up and running smoothly!!

  8. Love all of these sneak peeks and you are doing an amazing job :o) Love the plaid set....

  9. This set keeps getting better and better! The plaid pattern alone was fantastic.

    I think you're doing an amazing job and can't wait for things to get underway!

  10. We all understand the huge undertaking this is! Thanks so much for the wonderful sneak peeks and for keeping folks informed of how things are going. I keep telling myself, "Good things come to those who wait." :) I'm so excited for you and look forward to your big webstore launch!

  11. well i just don't know where you find the time for it all!!! i think there must be more than one of you! congrats on the success of your stamps..

  12. I am so very proud of you! Your own company! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. You are so very talented and so deserving of all of your success! Can't wait to see your new sets! Best, Curt


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