Saturday, 1 August 2009

...nearly ready!!

I am home from Mayo just this evening and I thought I'd have a wee nosey on the old blog before I hit the sack. I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peeks and I'll be starting the new projects on Monday.

There will be 4 sets for this release and I am looking forward to sharing the samples and stamp images with you all and I love feedback - many thanks to all who left comments in my absence! I am very excited about these sets!!

Loads of you are away at CHA and I hope you are all having a blast! I look forward to seeing pics when I get a moment to catch up on blog surfing!! I'll have some pics of Mayo after the release.

The Design Team decision is still in progress and I am taking every opportunity to avoid having to decide between an astronomical number of applicants, but I will tie it all down after the release is over, probably at the end of the month.


I find it very interesting to think about how we appear to others.

Just this week while on Holiday in Mayo (this is where God goes on holiday too - THE most beautiful place on the planet), I fell into conversation with a darling French lady from Paris. She began by complimenting my children, (you know how your children always look sweet and angelic to folks who don't really know them, lol.)

I tried my best to chat to her in French - it's rusty but I can tell you how to take a pair of tights to the trainstation to the train station etc. Unfortunately brain freeze set in, and when we reached the part of the conversation where she was telling me about her daugter's children's ages etc. She asked what age I was.

While I fumbled about in my memory for the correct words, she guessed that I was 23. I could have hugged her. It was a bad hair/face/head day and I suddenly felt youthful and vibrant . Sadly I had to admit tho' that it has been some time since I saw 23. This was all fine except that my big girl (9) is what we call 'no dozer' and had been following the gist of the conversation and was all too able to count the fingers as I relayed to the french lady that in actual fact I was thirty several. I saw my daugters' eyes like saucers as the realization set in that mummy is, in fact, "really old" in kid terms. I suddenly felt ancient and tired. lol.

Also, I sing like a bird.

Sadly, the bird in question is a laryngitic crow. My dear departed father-in-law pestered me to sing at every family gathering and celebration for about 4 years (back when I was a new addition to the family) I can still see the pain of sudden regret in his eyes when I finally caved in and obliged him, and the rest of the Brennan clan, with a solo performance one Christmas Eve.

It was so bad that they don't even tease me about it, merciful beings.

I have no idea why my father-in-law thought that I might be able to sing, I never once hinted or suggested that I could. I went out of my way to tell him straight that it wasn't a sound that nature intended to be heard, but he was such a lovely man that I would have done anything for him. So I gave it my all, and he never asked again. I giggle about it now and I wonder who else has a totally misconceived idea about what I'm really like, lol. I can't dance either!


  1. Claire, you are my kind of friend! Too bad I live across the pond, or we could spend all kinds of time pretending to be 23. (I have a 14-year-old, so that wouldn't be very believable.)

    I am so looking forward to your new sets--the sneak peeks look fantastic. I just love your style.

  2. You are too funny! I loved reading your post. You have a gift for writing that I can only dream of.
    Wait till you are 40 something LOL
    I bet you had a hundred BAZILLION entries for your DT. Who wouldn't want to be chosen! Good luck :-)

  3. So glad you had a great holiday and your sneak peeks have been fun!

  4. the story of your FIL and your daughters face. You should have stayed with the 23. LOL
    Would love to see any pictures you might have taken. Sounds beautiful just in the name :-)

    Can't wait to see the new sets! Get some rest and welcome home!

  5. Claire, I think some of my favorite posts of your are ones with your chatter....or waffle, as you say. You're a great voice to read and I always look forward to it! Good luck in choosing your design team. I'll bet you have lots of talent to choose from! :>

  6. Welcome home Clare, what an amazing story teller you are. I love the little bit about the singing. I am also known for singing alot (badly) and whistling too (inherited from my Mamgu).

    Am so excited for your new releases, will pop back later.

    Emma x

  7. Oh Claire, i can't sing at all either! What a funny story! Can't wait to see the release

  8. Welcome back Claire! now we can get into the real nitty gritty of your new sets! can't wait to see the samples you have created!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and met some interesting people! thanks for sharing a little of you with us!

  9. Welcom home Claire... Mayo... in october we will have holidays again in Mayo...I love your sneek peeks :)

  10. Welcome back Claire! I would never have thought you were thirty several like me!! I have gone all this time thinking you were in your twenties! I can't sing or dance either so I really enjoyed your story! I'm anxious to see your projects and new sets! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  11. I've really enjoyed your sneak peeks and what a nice story you posted today. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  12. Claire -- you make me chuckle :) Thank you. Glad you had a great time on Holiday :) looking forward to the new release!

  13. Your posts often make me chuckle. I am also a terrible singer. My Great Grandmother was from Ireland (Mayo in fact) and I can still hear her with her Irish Brogue saying "Sing by the window so we can help you out" You've brought back fond memories. I'm so looking forward to your new stamps and more of your great posts.


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