Friday, 28 November 2008

...Congratulations Laurie G

Went to the random integer generator and it threw up number 6. The 6th comment was from Laurie G who said:

"My favorite Christmas tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve and celebrating the reason for Christmas which is Christ's birth..."

couldn't have put it better myself Laurie - please PM me your address on the PTI forum or drop me an email and I'll pop the book in the post - you might just get it before the holidays!!!

Thanks to all who played along - I was really interested to hear the various traditions as I'm hoping to start a few with my own young family this year. Tonight we brought down the tree - we used to always get a real one, and my father always came along to help choose - since he passed on I haven't really had much heart to go out looking for a real one so we purchased a huge fat artificial tree which works out quite well because we can put it up early. The downside is it takes up nearly half the living room - small children have become lost behind it lol.

Thank you all for visiting - it really does mean something to me to think that folks on the other side of the world are even a little curious about what I'm making!! Thank you all.

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  1. Congrats Laurie! Thanks again for the chance to win! And by the way, dont' be silly! I LOVE coming to see what you have done! Best, Curt


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