Sunday, 30 November 2008

...snowflake luminary

I get so grumpy if i don't get to make something every day!! Anyone else like that? Problem is there's no time!!! we've been decorating for Christmas and looking after icky babies, runny noses sneezing everywhere that sort of thing.

This took seconds, cut a sheet of PTI Linen Vellum cardstock along the length. Put double sided tape along the short side of one of the strips and adhere to the other end to form a short fat tube shape. Punch snowflakes out of the other strip and curl it up so that it fits into the tube you've just made. Easy peasy.

USE BATTERY OPERATED TEALIGHTS ONLY for this project please ladies and gents.

Hope it tickles.


  1. how pretty real start to Christmas

  2. Very very pretty! I love making luminaries!

  3. This is genius Claire!! What a fab idea!

  4. So beautiful and elegant! I can picture these all over the house, lined up on the mantel in the bookcases, etc. Great idea! Best, Curt

  5. Claire, this is loevly in its simplicity! That Christmas Card below is a real knock-out--so lovely! By the way, I just tagged you. (Please forgive me!) Seriously, feel free to play or not--I just want to make sure that anyone who doesn't know that you are here finds your blog. :-D More info here:

  6. Lovely! We have our annual neighborhood luminary walk coming up in a couple weeks. Maybe if I can make one of these each day I'll have enough to decorate my front walk! YAY! Thanks for the inspiration!


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