Saturday, 6 September 2008

...another snowflake card

It has been a busy week here - the first full week of school for two of my babies - we're all tired. Added to that i've just got home from the hospital with my wee mum, had to take her over to casualty this evening, but i'm happy to report that it doesn't seem to have been anything serious.

Haven't made much that i can put on the blog this week - I'm working away on something for the GSS at Papertrey which I want to keep secret till then!! I'm addicted to the bloghops and the GSS events at PTI.

Anyhow - here's a wee card I did make this week - moving on from the air dry clay I wondered what would happen if i used my stamps to make an impression in Fimo (I think Sculpey is a comparable product in the US).

I found a big tin of Fimo recently while clearing out a cupboard, together with a hand-full of sculpting tools that my dad made for me while I was at University. My dad was one of those people who could do anything. Must admit I had a lump in my throat when I found them - they brought back a few memories.

Rolled out the red fimo and stamped an impression of a snowflake (Snowflake serenade), then I baked it in the oven to harden it. Ink didn't seem to want to dry properly on the fimo so I heat embossed it with white embossing powder and that did the trick. Used the green fimo for the sentiment snowflake. I cut both snowflakes out using a set of snowflake cookie cutters.

I really like the leathery look it takes on and the way the deep impression of the snowflake stays red against the white embossed ink on the surface. These will make great tree ornaments this christmas.

TIP - if you plan to do this yourself, wet your stamp with a little water before impresing it into the Fimo/Sculpey - it will come out so much easier and leave the detail behind where it's meant to be.

I have a couple more of these to post over the next day or two.

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  1. Wow - this is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Beautiful! Those snowflakes look like frosted cookies! Yum!

  3. They came out beautifully Claire! Love the look! :)

  4. Fantastic!!!! Haven't stamped on Fimo for years... wonder if my daughter will let me have some of hers?

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous Claire! I'm guessing they aren't heavy since you were able to use them on a card? I love these, definitely on my list for Christmas! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  6. Oh Claire it is beautiful. I used to love working with clay during A Level time but haven't done much lately. You're putting me in the mood to get my hands dirty!

  7. Hi Claire,

    You should have titled your post "...another beautiful card" (lol). Love the designer paper too. I used to do Dollhouse stuff with the Fimo. Haven't used it in a super duper long time, but another great reason to get some.

  8. These will make perfect ornaments. Beautiful! Sorry about your dad :-( I guess that is where you got your talent.

    Can't wait to see you GSS entries.

  9. wow! the snowflakes turned out beautifully!!! stunning card! hope your mom is ok!

  10. What a neat idea! I love how they turned out! Hope your mom is doing well and can't wait to see what you're up to with the GSS contest!

  11. Oh my Goodness Claire,
    These new stamps are wonderful.
    I love the Vintage look.


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