Tuesday, 15 July 2008

...a thank you card

This is a thank you card for my very best friend Bob who very kindly let us stay in her tent over the weekend. They were camping in Sligo and we went down to visit Bob and her family for the day and didn't go home!! We had a great time - our kids are all friends - and the craic was great. Edit - craic here refers to the banter/chat/fun that people have when they get together - i'm kinda scared to ask what it means in the US... I had to change the post because i spelled it as it sounds earlier and aparently that means something I don't want to be associated with!!

I'm going to give this card to her later today but there's just a chance she might see it here before I get to her house! lol, she sometimes reads my blog - so if you're there Bob - a big thank you from all of us - we loved camping with you!!!

I stamped the red squirrel from the My Punny Valentine onto shrink plastic and roasted it with the heat gun (on loan from Bob ). I made the background patterned paper using the PTI Guidelines set and a stamp from the Faux ribbon set. The Guidelines set is so good - I spent a while playing around with it and the possibilities are endless.

The sentiment is from Year round Puns - also PTI - stamped on a little square cut with scalloped nestabilities. I used a making memories slot punch tool to cut the tiny flaps to hold the square in place. Plain brads hold the chocolate ribbons on.

Hope you like your red squirrel Bob. see ya later.


  1. Great card. Love the work you did with the gridlines set. Awesome. -Molly B

  2. Fabulous card Claire. Love your ribbon treatment. Tell me, what do you mean when you refer to "the crack was great" has a different meaning here in the You're so cute!

  3. Beautiful card Claire! I read this last night and had to laugh :) I knew you must not mean what we think of as crack but it was cute and gave me a giggle!! So what does it mean?

    HUGE congrats on your Honorable Mention! I told you the card was beautiful :) Way to go!!

  4. This is awesome! How did you make those little half circle slits? Is that a special punch you have? There is a place in Oregon called Crack in the Ground, seriously that is what it is too! You can go down about 30 or 40 ft. Its really weird.

  5. Yes this is way too cool! Claire PTI stamps were made FOR YOU!!! you just have a way with them for sure!

  6. Red Squirrel loved her card, she was very touched that you made her one of ur fab cards!


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