Friday, 21 April 2017

...throwback to the last time I footered with clay.

So now and again I make some pottery stuff, I fire them and glaze them myself - lots still to learn, but it's addictive. I sell some of these at craft fairs and I loaded up a few things to Etsy to see how that goes, but mostly it's just for fun. I was taking some pics this evening and thought maybe you might like to see, this is a 4 inch tall mushroom/toadstool ring tree - I thought it was cute, I love working with clay and don't get to do it nearly enough, but these are fun. I adore how the glaze pools and settles, it's like magic! If you are curious there's a link to my Etsy in the sidebar. :)


  1. That's cute and a great way to place your rings so they are not lost. I only wear the wedding rings myself so none worn other then those.

  2. Love this Claire! what great colors!


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