Saturday, 18 February 2017

Just Instagrammed

via Instagram This guy is not happy. His biggest sis has gone away for the week and that means there's a gap in the daily fuss that is made of him... Just sittin there glaring at us, letting out an occasional grumble, 'course all we can do is giggle at him... Poor dude. #schnauzer #dogs #thinkshesapeople #whereismybuddy #idontwantyoursmellytreats #blog #minischnauzer


  1. thats the look we get from our 10 year old whippet when shes not pleased with us but your young dog is gorgous love him just dont tell milly

  2. LOL, Lavinia, oh they get so spoilt don't they! it's so hard not to!

  3. Poor pooch, lol! Love his cute face, and his hashtags ;)! Can't wait to see your video, Claire!


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