Sunday, 18 January 2015

...Giveaway Winner!!

We have a winner!

Christine said... 91

I love the store, the stamps and definitely your delivery times. I appreciate how you keep customers informed of any delays, out of stock and changes in policy. My improvement would be to the WM Forum. I have lots of trouble logging in and now have 3 identities. It means that I tend to rely on Pinterest and don't get to see as much inspiration from WM that I would like.

Congratulations Christine!! You win the giveaway! Pop me your address on and I will get your goodies shipped out to you!

Thank you to everyone who played along in our giveaway, there were some really good points raised and I will be trying to apply the ones that would improve our services - cheers ladies - I really appreciate the feedback!

I'll be running another giveaway in a few days, I have more stuff to go! :)

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