Saturday, 29 November 2014

... Introducing Old Country Roses

Good evening folks and welcome to the first day of samples for our December release - I have pinched Anya's card for my blog post this evening - Isn't it pretty? I'm a sucker for roses, but they have to be the old fashioned varieties. My wee mum used to grow roses and she always had the most beautiful cabbage roses, peony roses and dog roses, not so many of the tea rose varieties, and so these are the types that I am naturally drawn to. My mum would have been 70 this past Sunday and so this set is tugging at my heartstrings a little today!

I've wanted a rose set for some time, and so I made up this two step stamping set to help me create old fashioned roses. Lining up these stamps is super simple, it all hinges on the centre of the rose and so long as you line up the centre, everything else falls into place, easy. 

I didn't get a chance to photograph my samples today as we were celebrating the end of the AQE transfer tests in our house - my middle chick will be moving from Primary School to 'Big' school this year and she had her last exam this morning. It's been a long haul for all our P7's, they go through a lot of prep to get them ready to take the series of tests that will determine what schools they can get into and it's quite a serious business, so we had a little down time today after the exam, I will be back tomorrow with my own handy work, but hugs to Anya for letting me pinch her card!

Here are the DT - why don't you pop over and see what they have done with our 
Old Country Roses set:
If you prefer you can see all of today's DT samples here on the DT blog!


  1. Wow! This is gorgeous! Can't wait for the release on Tuesday!

  2. I love how you can create depth in the flowers with these Claire - what a beautiful card. Sounds like your Mum would have loved this set. My Mum's birthday is on Sunday too!

  3. This is gorgeous.

  4. Looks lovely. And sorry to hear about your Mum. Totally get the heartstring thing. My Nan was called Rose and she passed away when I was pregnant with my daughter (who would have been her first great grandchild). And we have a rosebush which never bloomed. Until the week she passed away- it then bloomed beautiful old roses. And again around the time Eva was born! And every year since, it blooms around Nan's birthday and my daughter's birthday. May and October.Roses are special.

  5. Gorgeous set: I'm a bit sorry that it makes you miss your Mom. It's hard to not have her here, isn't it? I know the feeling. Mom's are the best people in the world!! Big hugs to you sweet Claire!!

  6. Claire - these roses are just gorgeous! I love this card you've made - so very pretty.

    The team made such a wonderful range of colourful roses - great work.

  7. Pretty enough to pick! Loved all the samples, and the sweet mum story, Claire. My mom's middle name is Rose, and my dad planted 250 rose bushes in front of his ranch fence in her honor! Such a classic Victorian feel to this beautiful set!

  8. I just seen a snippet on your FB page Claire! I am sooo behind on your blog cos I haven't been on line much of late - this set is simply STUNNING! It's definitely going on my Christmas pressy wishlist. All I have to do now is figure out how to get hubby or the girls to ask me what I want for Christmas LOL!


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